How Zombjas work

The main purpose of Zombjas is to stop your village's failed Nonja experiment by slaughtering your way through the massive horde of Zombjas, which on completion requires a five day break before another attempt can be made.

Zombjas is a Village vs. Enemy area, which means this is a place for teamwork. To complete your task you have to defeat every single Zombja before they reach the bottom of the map. (Specifically, before they march off the bottom row. Their being on row 0 does not itself result in defeat, though it is one step from defeat.) The map's size is determined by the difficulty of the game. While you can move freely as long as you have Action Points and Stamina, Zombjas only have a 10% chance of move one square every hour (decreases as they getting closer to the bottom).
You start a game of Zombjas with 50 Action Points, and get a new point every 15 minutes, but with level 5 speedy, you get an Action Point every ten minutes. You can have a maximum of 150 Action Points.
Everything in Zombja loops, including your position, ZP, ZAP, weapons, and skills. You won't even be kicked out of the current game if you need to loop your character while playing.

You spend action points when:
Action Points Requirement Misc.
Move 1 - -2 Stamina
Fight Zombjas 1 - -
Fight Zetta 1 - Attack a single Zetta of a single type of your choice
Search 1 - Sometimes free (Free Search)
Mega Search 10 - Sometimes free (Free Search), Will tell you how many searches you got for free
Equip weapon 1 - If your weapon breaks, it will equip another of the same kind for free as long as it wasn't your last
Heal (at Hospital) 1 - -
Uninfect (at Hospital) 1 - -
Grab a Bargain Bar (at Bunker) 1 - Max 4 Bargain Bars
Uninfect/Heal others 12 Medic Level 1 +10 ZP (Uninfect), -2 AP cost per Medic Level
Dig Bunker 5 Digger Level 1 -
Build Teleporter 10 Digger Level 3 -
Sonar Ping 5 Engineer Level 1 -
Build Hospital 10 Engineer Level 5 -
Plant Mines 12 Gardener Level 1 -2 AP cost per Gardener Level, only one of a kind on one square, up to 10 Mines per square
Dig up Mines ? ? A square can only hold daymines or nightmines, you must dig up the current mines if you want to plant the other kind
YANK to X 2 - -10HP
Make Molly (at Gas Station) 10 - Max (10-Diff) Mollies
Fix Flamethrower (at Gas Station) 20 - -2 AP cost per Engineer Level
Pull Veggies 10 Gardener Level 1 -1 AP cost per Gardener Level
ZTFO - - Leave map - you don't get ZRs, but you may escape catastrophe if the village loses (a kage can do this without unlocking the SCIENCE! Facility, making the map unwinnable)

Special Bonus

Effect Requirement
Nut Up or Shut Up: May be activated once per map, makes every roll perfect for the next Attack Action.1 Survived the Impossible
When moving with weapon disabled due to infection, doubles chance of Runner activating. Survived the Impossible
20% chance to dodge infection Zombja Survival Guide
No Stamina Cost for Moving 28 Dayrolls Later
+10 Stamina-less Z-Map moves ZombAway

Getting started

A village leader can start a game by paying an Advanced Resource and 100,000 Village Ryo. Both Nonja Lab and at least one active Nonja are required. This action opens up the Zombja map, while also destroying the last Nonja purchased. After a game is completed, the leader cannot start a new game until five days have passed.
You must be in the village at the time the game starts to play, otherwise you won't be allowed in until the next game. Playing Zombjas isn't required, and you are allowed to come in late.

Start Message:

OMG ZOMBJAS EVERYWHERE <date> (<day> - <time>): <Village Leader> totally injected a Nonja with who knows what - they explode, and a portal to Zombja Central has opened! Zombjas rise from your lands to eat everyone's brains! Get to the Zombja Menu and get to exterminating!


The Zombja horde is divided into to groups, Zs and Zettas. Zs are normal zombjas who's only purpose is to infect and damage you. Zettas are special zombjas that only spawn when there are a lot of Zombjas, with the purpose to annoy and distract you.

  • Z - Normal Zombja
    • Can infect you.
    • Can damage you if you are infected.
    • You get 1 ZP for every Z you kill.
  • Zetta - Special Zombja
    • You get 15 ZP per Zetta you kill
    • You get 30 ZP for every Thumper you kill
    • You get 10 ZP for each hit on the Zombulator (Unaffected by Awesome)
    • You get 50 ZP for the killing blow on the Zombulator (Unaffected by Awesome)
Zetta Type Ability
Barglers For every action you do, they have a chance of barfing up 8 Zs into your square.
Thrillers For every action you do, they have a chance of thrilling you, causing you to lose an additional ZAP.
Noms For every action, they have a chance of Nomming you. While Nommed you can only attack Noms.
Thumper They might do heavy damage to you, without infecting you. They also have a shield ability, which shields them from damage 60% of the time. The Thumpers are found in the Rifts.
Zombulator Does damage in the same way as Thumpers. Unlike other Zettas, this one needs 10 hits to kill. This is the last Zombja you fight and is found in the Gate. Does not show up on map, but is at the Gate; attacking it is a High Profile Action. If last zombja killed at gate, can need to refresh/step in and out to show up


Before Zs can damage you, they have to infect you first. When infected you have penalties according to your HP.

HP Effect
- Zs can damage you and you lose 5 HP for every attack you do
<80 HP -5% Zetta kill chance, -1 Zs killed for each swing
<60 HP -10% Zeta kill chance, -2 Zs killed for each swing
<40 HP Weapons are disabled
<=0 HP Cannot gain Actions or use Weapons


Weapons are found by using the Search option on a cleared square. Searching costs 1 ZAP. You have a 10% base chance to search for free (no ZAP cost).

Weapon Z-Kill Stat
When using a weapon with XdY + Z you will kill a random amount from 1 to Y multiplied by X plus Z zombjas.


You can get abilities with the ZP you earn by killing Zombjas. Each level of a skill costs 100 * Level ZP. Level 5 costs 500 * (Number_of_Level_5_Abilities + 1) ZP (Max of 5,000 ZP Cost)

After leveling up 10 Z-Skills to their max level you can trade 2500 ZP for 1 Z-Reward

Ability Bonus
Immune 10% Chance per Level to 'dodge' Infections
Healthy +20 HP max, +1 HP/heal per Level
Perceptive 10% Bonus Chance to Search for free
Sniper 5% Bonus Chance to Zetta-Kill per Level
Thorough +1 Z Killed per Level, at Level 5, 1 in 3 chance to do 2x Z Killed
Speedy -1 Minute per ZAP refresh per Level
Medic May Heal (Uninfect+10HP) another person for 12 ZAP(minus 2 ZAP per Level) twice per Level (recharge at Hospital). 5% chance per Level to dodge counterattacks while healing others.
Digger May build one Bunker per Map at Level 1, 2 at Level 5 (5 ZAP), Teleporter at Level 3 (10 ZAP), +2% Bonus per level to Search5
Engineer May Sonar Ping for 5 ZAP (Range: 2 per Level) and may build one Hospital per Map at Level 5 (10 ZAP), gives -2 ZAP per level on fixing Flamethrowers
Gardener May plant DayMines and NightMines for 12 ZAP, minus 2 ZAP per Level, may also Pull Veggies
Runner 5% Chance per Level to not spend ZAP while moving
Careful -3% Chance per Level to break Equipped Weapon (minimum chance 1%)
Jumpy 3% Chance per Level to cancel Zombja counterattack
Cleave +1d3 Z killed per Level when Zetta killed, +15% chance per Level to kill a second Zetta of that type
Toughness 10% Less HP Damage per Level from Zs, at Lvl 5 affects Thumper damage

Sniper or Cleave?

People may wonder whether to improve Sniper before Cleave, or Cleave before Sniper, to kill many Zettas. The mean value for one attack is min[1, (base chance + 0.05 * Sniper)] * (1 + 0.15 * Cleave), assuming you attack a zetta type with at least two of them. "min" means that you can't exceed the 100% kill chance. Evaluation (images in progress) shows that Cleave become more important in comparison to Sniper when the base chance is high already, but for lower base chance Sniper is more important. These evaluations do not include the rising costs for more levels of either of these two skills.

Speedy is recommended before either of these, though, as it gives you more ZAP per day, at an increasing rate each level.

The Map

The size of the map is determined by the difficulty of the game and is calculate by $width = difficulty*2+1$, $Height = difficulty*4+1$.
The map you fight Zombjas have several different spot both made by the game and the players. You should note where those spots are, but it also can help to have the Sonar running, which provides a scan over the area and shows where places and Zombjas are. The sonar doesn't run by itself so an Engineer have to take care of this.
Place which will always be on the same location are: the first hospital (0,0), the Gas Station and first bunker (0,1), the Gate (0,Difficulty*4) and rifts (Highest row, except the Gate).
Villages with the upgrade Land Mimes starts the map with 1 Daymine and 1 Nightmine on each Row 2 square.

Main Areas:

  • Village
  • Collection Field
  • Mountains
  • Wasteland
  • Rifts
Special areas:
Area Notes
Hospitals Hospitals can quickly recharge your cure, Uninfect you and heal up some damage.
Gas Station Here you can make Mollies, and refuel your Flamethrower.
Bunkers When on a square with a Bunker, the Marching Zs cannot hurt you. You can also load up on BargainBars here
Teleporters Players may yank directly backwards to a Teleporter, if they are at the same col. Teleporters aren't shown on the map.
Ramen Shop Here, you have a small chance of finding Manly Ramen
Arms Depot Here, you can search for Pistols and Shotguns.
SCIENCE! Facility Level 3+ Engineers may launch one Zetta-Nuke from here6
Gate The area where you find the Zombulator and 11Sabers. Every action here has a chance to send you back to the starting square.

When the Nuke is unlocked by the Leader, the following message is displayed:


Team Bonuses

There is also a few bonuses for teaming up, with a right number of players on a single map square:

Team Requirement Bonus
All 4 One Exactly 4 Players 25% Chance to Dodge Infection, Pistols and Shotguns have a 50% chance of not consuming AP
The Square 8+ Players Marching Zombjas cannot affect you, 15% Chance to Dodge Infection

How to win

To win a game of Zombjas you have to:

  • Seal all Rifts7
  • Kill every single Z
  • Kill every single Zetta
  • Kill the Zombulator (unavailable until the rest of the map is clear)
  • Close the Gate

You close the Gate, sending the Z-Virus back to wherever it came from!

Your Village has fought off the Zombjas! Everyone receives 10,000 Party House Ryo, and X Z Rewards! Special Rewards (+X): Most Zs Killed - <Player>. Most Zettas Killed - <Player>. Most Heals - <Player>. Launched Nuke - <Player>. Closed Gate - <Player>. : The following Ninjas joined the map, but did not help enough to get Z-Rewards: <Player>, etc.

How to lose

Your village loses if you:

  • Let a Zombja touch the last row


  • Unable to win by Day (4x Difficulty)

Zombja Overrun: Your Village has been overrun by Zombjas! -30 Stamina / No Village Contributions tomorrow!

OverRun!: Your Village has been overrun with Zombjas, who eat all your Nonjas! Upgrades take 3000 Damage! Tonight, Upkeep is 100%, and all Z-Fighting Villagers lose 30 Stamina!


After winning a game of Zombja you gain Z-Rewards, which you can spend for bonuses, including Ryo, Stamina, and Permanent items. Bonus Z-Rewards are given for killing the most Zs, killing the most Zettas, doing the most 'useful' heals, launching the Nuke, and closing the gate.

  • Easy Map: 1 Z-Reward, +1 Z-Reward for each Bonus
  • Medium Map: 2 Z-Rewards, +1 Z-Reward for each Bonus
  • Hard Map: 4 Z-Rewards, +2 Z-Rewards for each Bonus
  • Having Natural Magnum level 3 gives +1 Z-Reward
  • Villages with the Witches Brew upgrade get +1 Z-Reward
  • Trading 2500 ZP for 1 Z-Reward (Must have 10 level 5 z-skills first)
checkbox.png Zombja Overcome! Your village has defeated the Zombjas! Number of Z Rewards you have collected: X!

Players can spend Z-Rewards on:

Reward Bonus ZR Cost
Nonja Gift +20,000 Ryo 1
Nonja Party +200 Stamina 1
Boomstick +2 Drain Levels, Start Zombja Maps with Shotgun 12
Dirty Shovel 20% chance for Rare Ingredients, Start Zombja Maps with Shovel 8
Z-Virus While Bingo'ing, 50% chance to take no damage during Round 1 15
Nonja Sidekick +20 Stamina per day 5
Nonja Chef +20 Appetite 7
Flamethrower +4 Gen Levels, -1 Nin / Tai Levels, Start Zombja Maps with Flamethrower 12

or donate them to the village, and the Village leader can spend them on:

Reward Type ZR Cost Bonus
Brilliant Crystals Basic Resource 20
Medicinal Water Basic Resource 20
Precious Metals Basic Resource 20
Solid Fire Advanced Resource 40
Unmelting Ice Advanced Resource 40
Bargler Guards Upgrades 100 +2 Succ needed when being spied upon (Undead Guards required)
Zombja Mechanics Upgrades 150 +1 Max Deliveries per Day (Fine Tuning required)

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