You need to have collected Mission Lady points via Unforeseen Consequences before the link to the Mission Lady Alley appears on your Missions page. Once you enter it:

You notice a gleam coming from a darkened side-alley, and feel compelled to check it out. The Mission Lady raises her eyebrows, smiling knowingly..
You follow the alley for what seems like forever, and the rest of the world melts away. Stalls with one-of-a-kind collectibles (garbage?) crowded with people, people with things they want to trade spread out on sheets on the ground, people with crudely-drawn Mission Lady portraits practicing cheers and dances in front of them.. wow.
Overshadowing everything is a giant gashapon machine, ka-chunk ka-chunking as people walk up to it, hands raised in reverence.

Yikes, you guess people really have a thing for the Mission Lady..

(Wota: an obsessive fan of an idol or idol group)

On April First (or any "First", if you use the monthly theme), you can do some favors for the Mission Lady. If you do, you get ML Points - and the Great Machine will provide, giving you random ML Goods. Some people will just want to collect goods, and that's fine!


If you want, the biggest fans of "Mission-pyon" (or "Lady-chan", or "Missi-missi", or "Clarence*", or whatever weird nickname her fans have come up with today) will often compare their levels of wota love in front of all the other fans, by showing off their coolest piece of merch. The winner's goods becomes more popular, and the wave of approval causes their love - and goods' awesomeness - to grow. Rumor has it that the One True Fan will be granted a private audience with the Mission Lady, and who knows where that will lead?

You can have a Defense Good, which you leave out as a trap, to soak in other people's goods and power. Or, you can go on the Offense, and once you pick your goods, you'll be paired against a random Defense Goods of another's, and the winner prevails!

*apologies to people named Clarence. It's a cool name. Have you seen the show called "Clarence"? Good stuffs.

Stand Before The Machine >

(This is a placeholder page for now. Not sure how to summarize: the story text does a good job already.)

Most items cost 111 (100 with Dedicated Fan Level 3 (11 ML Discount on pulls)) Mission Lady points, but if you don't have any:

The Machine warms up, glowing softly as you approach.

Well, that's nice..
First One's Free >

You can accumulate XP on an item in three ways: feed other items to it (level irrelevant, so the best items to feed to other items are level 1 items with 0 XP), set it as your Offense and Scuffle (at worst you will lose 1 XP per Scuffle, but you won't go below your item's current level, and since you usually gain much more than 1 XP per victory you will on average gain XP), or set it as your Defense and let others give you XP from losing Scuffles. These are not mutually exclusive, and all three are recommended if you wish to powerlevel an item.

Feeding Items
You may sacrifice items to level up other items. The level of the sacrificed item does not matter. The level of the item you are feeding determines the number of items to be sacrificed. A level 1 item will only need to eat one other item to level up. At level 2 they will need to eat 2 items at each level, 3 items per level at level 5. The number of items increases gradually thereafter. When you feed the requisite number of items to the one you want to level, it then increases that items xp to max allowing you to level it up.Be Cautious. If the item is already close to leveling, it will not decrease the number of items you would have to feed to it to get it ready to level, so it is best to only level items when they are new, newly leveled or have not yet gained much xp for their current level.

Wota Madness

Random hours througout the day will have a Wota Madness effect in play.
-Roll one section left/right The power of the section to the left/right of the one you rolled will be used instead of the section rolled. Two section items with power 100/0 are good for this since they start with a base 70% chance of rolling the 0 section which would then become the 100 power section. It is also easy to level those items 5 times, giving you a 95% chance of rolling the 0 section, meaning a 95% chance of activating your 100 power sections during this madness event.
-Largest section is half power Your section with the highest % chance of activation, or sections in the event your item has multiple sections with the same highest percent, will have it's base power halved with any bonuses ex. Daily bonus or shields, applied after. So, for a 4 section item, it would be good to have the two lowest power sections at 5%, and the other two sections at 40% and 50%, instead of both at 45%, so that only one section is affected by the Half Power madness
-+20 per different section All sections will recieve a bonus of +20 power for the total number of sections the item has. A 2 section item will recieve +40, +100 for 5 sections etc.
-100+ counts as 0 Any section with a base power of 100 or more will have it's base power reduced to 0. Bonuses/penalties are then applied. So if the daily bonus would put a section at or over 100 power, that section will not be affected. It is only sections with a Base power of 100 or more that are affected
-0 counts as 110 Any section with a base power of 0 will have it's power increased to 110 before bonuses/penalties are applied.
-autowin counts as 0 This effect only appears during WotAdventures at difficulty level 2+.

Daily Bosses

To get to the bosses, you need at least 15 Wota Power. This is the total of the levels on all your items, -1 per item. For example, if you have a level 11 item and any number of level 1 items, your Wota Power is 10 (for your level 11 item, since your level 1 items contribute 0 each). If you have two level 8 items, your Wota Power is 14 (since each level 8 item contributes 7 Wota Power). If you have a level 7 item, a level 6 item, and a level 5 item, that is 15 Wota Power (the items contributing 6, 5, and 4 respectively). Daily bosses change everyday at Dayroll and are the same for all Players.

To defeat a Boss, you must win three consecutive battles against him. Each battle costing 1 Scuffle to fight.

The boss stats change each round and each round will have a special 'Wota Madness' effect (hourly Wota Madness effects are disabled during boss fights), and a Shield. Shields are in multiples of 20(-20, -40-, 60 or -80) and apply to only one stat, so it is good to try and choose an item that does not have a section corresponding to that rounds shield.


If you win all three rounds against the boss, you can 'Steal' a portion of the shield from one of the rounds and apply it Only to the item used in that round.

Boss Shields will always be in increments of 20, and when you first steal a shield, it will give you a shield strength of 20 to the item used in the round you steal the shield from. Items may only have one shield at a time. If you use an item with a shield against a Boss round with a different shield, and win, you may trade your current shield for the new shield, at 20 strength.

If you use an item with a shield that matches the bosses shield for that round and defeat the boss, you may increase the shields strength by 10 instead of adding/replacing a shield to a different item from one of the the other rounds.

Regardless of the strength of the boss shield, when you steal a shield, it will start at a strength of 20 and only increase by 10 each time you add to it. Once a shield reaches a strength of 50 it increases by increments of 5 each time, until it reaches 100, at which point it (reportedly) increases by increments of 1.

-Rounds 1, 2, 3. Boss shields -60 Moeness, - 40 Cuteness, -80 Cuteness
-You use: Item A, no shield. Item B Moeness shield and Item C Cuteness shield
If you defeat the boss you can
1. Give Item A a -20 Moeness shield
2. Replace Item B's Moeness shield for a -20 Cuteness shield. Be careful with this. If you have already leveled up the items shield to a higher power, it will be lost forever.
3. Increase Item C's Cuteness shield by 10


To participate in a WotAventure you must have at least 1 item with a shield from defeating daily bosses.

WotAdventure is a series of 11 enemies that use goods just as the players do. Their goods however are generally more powerful than those available to players and all have strong shields like the Daily Bosses. They also have a random number of lives. at least 2 and up to 11 have been seen/reported thus far.

At the start of the adventure, there will be an option to choose 'Hard mode'. You will receive a bonus 1% chance per difficulty level of getting an item or ability from a defeated foe, but at a cost of the enemy receiving a bonus to each sections power of at least 10 per difficulty level.

Hourly Wota Madness is disabled during an adventure, but each enemy has a chance of having their own 'Wota Madness' effect. Roll one secion right/left, Largest section is half power and +20 per section are potential effects. 0 = 110 and 100+ = 0 may or may not be possible, they are uncertain at this point.
-Starting at difficulty level 2, Autowin counts as 0 is added as a possible effect.
-Starting at difficulty level 3, there is a chance of two madness effects happening at once for each battle.

Each attack gives the player 1 fatigue and places 1 use on the item used for the attack. Fatigue and item uses reset at dayroll. If a player gets to 11 fatigue, they must camp out for the rest of the day as they are too tired to continue. All items start with only 1 use per day.

You may come across some enemies that may only be defeated with autowin items. If you don't have any of these, or get stuck on an enemy, you may reset your adventure at the cost of +3 fatigue.

Upon completion of a WotAdventure, the goods used to do the last damage to the final boss will become 'Royal' Goods, gaining 1 Royalty level (goods start at 0 Royalty) if they were not already of a Royalty level higher than the adventure's level. That is, if you complete a difficulty 0 adventure and the last goods used were already Royalty level 1, they will not become level 2 - and you will have just wasted the adventure, so be careful! (A lesser "waste" is if you complete a level 1 adventure with level 0 goods: the goods will become Royalty 1, but you could have had that more easily from a level 0 adventure.) If two goods with different Royalty levels compete and the one with a higher Royalty level loses, the higher Royalty goods gets one reroll.

Adventure Complete!

The Masked Boss Lady recoils in (obviously fake) terror from your unbridled fandom!
"Oh no! I am defeated!" She reels to and fro, finally careening out of sight behind The Machine.

You hear someone make a "pwooshoom!" noise with their mouth from back there, and a handful of confetti flies weakly out, followed by trumpet fanfare!

(well, a person making trumpet fanfare mouth noises, anyway)

The Mission Lady steps out to greet you! You don't really notice that she looks pretty much like the boss you just defeated, as she takes the item you used to defeat her the final boss and holds it aloft.

"For your gallantry, I dub thee, um, "Neat!" and she taps you lightly with your (Goods), before producing a golden marker from her dress.

She signs your item with a sparkly autograph, shakes your hand, and then bodyguards you didn't notice shuffle you along. She waves at everyone, and disappears in a crush of adoring fans.


Your (Goods) is now a Royal (Goods)!
Higher Royalty goods reroll once if they win!
Start a New Adventure! >

Other descriptors can apply instead of "Neat", for example "Super Cool", "Wicked Awesome", or "Really Nifty". It is not currently believed this changes anything.

Daily Bonuses

Each usable 1/day
- +20 to your next attack (11 ML)
- Disregard Modifier on next attack (11 ML)
- +50 to your next attack (111 ML)
- Wipe Fatigue and Goods Use (111 ML)

Wota Goods Catalogue


  • Unforseen Consequences auto-succeeds any Mission Lady mission. If you max out your crank and use a team of Mr. Sandman, Pinky and Stalkergirl, non ML missions will only take 30 stamina(when failed) allowing you to maximize the ML points you can get for your stamina.
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