World Kaiju



As you walk up a large hill, ready to fight the horrors falling from the sky, Flipper stops you.

"Here, you can join up with all of the others to fight giant monsters for prizes! A warning, though - if you join in a fight with one, and it isn't defeated, you get nothing. -_-

If you are a newer Ninja, you might want to skip this part for now - there's tons of other awesome stuff to do, and this can take your Stamina really, really fast. If, however, you are ready for the long haul, with serious rewards for serious Ninja, then let's go!"

The WorldKaiju are attacking! Pick one and help out!

All the players together have 14 days to defeat a WorldKai. Should the players not defeat one in the 14 days given, it will attack the Summoner, and all the damage done by the players will be for nothing. You can both attack it directly, and join in Combo Attacks. Combo Attacks, while not adding to your Rank, deal more and more damage to the WorldKai, weakening it to a point where the players have a shot at defeating it.

When a WorldKai is summoned, the summoner has the option to enrage it. Each level of Enraged gives the WorldKai 25% more armor (i.e., a Level 3 Enraged FarmVale would have an armor of 90%), but if defeated the Worldkai will give +1 extra Emblems per rank earned. This armor is less on basic amount of armor (ranging became from 0% to 75%) against the summoner's attacks.

When a WorldKai is successfully destroyed, all players fighting it win Emblems based on their Rank: 2 + the level of the Enraged the WorldKai had for the Rank they've obtained, and +1 for each Rank below that (3,4,5..). Each Emblem gives a 1/11 (cumulative) chance to win that Rank's prize, and may be saved between instances of specific WorldKai. WorldKai do not fall until Dayroll, and may be 'over-damaged' by those already fighting them for Ranking purposes, so no need to camp Dayroll. Best of luck - you'll need it!

If you are in the top 11 damage-dealers when a WorldKai falls, you get 2 additional emblems for each Rank, even if you haven't otherwise earned that Rank. For example, if you are in the top 11 and earn B Rank against an unenraged WorldKai, you get 2 S emblems, 2 A, 4 B, 5 C, 6 D, 7 E, and 8 F.

How it works:

Each time you attack costs 5 stamina, the results of your rolls are added up with successes counting as a max roll (equal to your range). That sum is then reduced for armor to get your total damage done for that attack. You may not use certain allies1

The Ranks:

There are ranks F-S, and you get a shot at different prizes depending on your rank. Combo Attacks don't count towards rank.
Here's the ranking ladder from the site, and the damage you need to deal to get each rank:


S-Rank: 110,000,000 Damage

A-Rank: 50,000,000 Damage

B-Rank: 11,000,000 Damage

C-Rank: 2,000,000 Damage

D-Rank: 500,000 Damage

E-Rank: 100,000 Damage

F-Rank: 10,000 Damage

Bonus Emblems

Bonus emblems can be acquired via:

Name Bonus Source
K-Dog Lvl. 2 11% chance to get WK Emblems returned when used Ally in Team
B-Class Laser If you win a tiny bee when turning in A rank emblems of any kind, gives an unspecified chance to get a second tiny bee Permanent Item
Seismologic Beatmixer +2 emblems in each rank to villagers for wkai that fall that day Science
Top 11 +2 emblems in each rank, including ranks you did not attain Be one of the top 11 damage dealers vs a specific wkai
Honey Badger Level 100 +1 Emblem on Successful Emblem Use Pets
Perfect Rhythm Level 3 +1 Emblem per Rank Awesome

Known World Kaiju

These are the World Kaiju that have been summoned so far:

Name HP Stat Armor
Craftworld of War 999,999,999 Nin 10%
AspenStory 999,999,999 Tai 15%
ADAM 999,999,999 Gen 10%
FarmVale 999,999,999 Nin 15%
ForeverQuest 999,999,999 Dou 5%

There is also a special World Kaiju summoned each 11/11 starting on 11/11/2015, by the game's creator. It is a special event, changing each time, but with more than 999,999,999 HP. (The 2015 one apparently started with 9,999,999,999 HP, which was increased to 99,999,999,999 HP mid-fight to keep it from falling too fast. From 2016 on they were summoned with 99,999,999,999 HP.) It has a high Enraged rank, but a low armor (some parts of the interface saying "0% Bonus Armor! (wait, what?)", in other texts saying it is set it to 11%). Its emblems can only be used to obtain ElevenTickets, which are only redeemable on and for some time after 11/11 for various prizes (in 2015 and 2016, there was a raffle for custom WorldKaiju, and another one for an assortment of items). In 2015 it was named Eleven Eleven; from 2016 on, its name was randomly displayed (in the manner of Tesseract) as Internet Drama, Every Bad Customer Ever, Working On Your Day Off, Server Issues, New Video Games, Someone Coughing On You, Wet Socks, and My Laptop Touchpad. The stat is "11Jutsu", where Levels, Strength, and Successes are based on 111+Tsukiball, 11+Mahjong, and 11+Flower Wars levels respectively, and the range is the sum of those three.


The drops from the above World Kaiju:

Damage Bonuses

Name Bonus Requirement Location
Honey Badger +1-10% Have Honey Badger as active pet at Dayroll Pets
Awesome +25%/+50%/+80% - Awesome Ability
Coalescence +20% Emotional Coalescence2 activation Science! Facility
Determination +1% to +20%3 - Dance Party
Elemental Mastery4 +50% Only against the Combo'd World Kaiju Combo Attack
Essence +75% Drink 25 of each Essence in the fields Essences
Field Dance +5% to +20%5, depending on World Kaiju Swings - Dance Floor of Destiny
Good Boy Lvl. 3 +30% Gen Damage to WorldKaiju - Ally
Glowslinging +11%/+22%/+33% Win four, five or six Glowslinging battles Glowslinging
KaijuBomb +5% per Juice - Juice Bar
Lil' Whitey Lvl. 3 +30% Tai Damage to WorldKaiju - Ally
Personal Army +50% Attack a private WorldKaiju Private World Kaiju
Pinky Lvl. 3 +30% Nin Damage to WorldKaiju - Ally
Pony Parade +11% to +121%6 - Consumable
Reach +20% Ranking - Mahjong bonus
RedEye +25% If you've gotten a drop from a normal Kaiju Starting Bloodline
Ride Bonus +5% per delivery, +55% per 10 deliveries - PizzaWitch Garage
Scratchy Enhancer +20% Win a Scratchy ticket today (or play 10 tickets) Scratchy Enhancer
Storm Favor +50% Does not use the Eleven Tails Favor Storm Favor
Tiny Bear Pistols +11% - Sponsor Item
Watchin' Your Shows +50%7 Two Seasons Collections Quest
WhiteEye +30% While WorldKaiju is at 25-75% health Starting Bloodline
This Fist of Mine All levels become successes (slightly under double the damage on average) costs 100 stamina per use Jutsu

Other Bonuses

Name Bonus Requirement Location
B-Class Laser +50 stamina (if performing 100 swings) - Item
Doughman Lvl. 3 +11 Levels vs. World Kaiju - Ally
Kaijutometer +5 Levels! (if performing 100 swings) Mathematical Kaijutometer8 activation Science! Facility
Legacy +25% to Storm Usage - Starting Bloodline
Special Attack Uniform +25% to Storm Usage - Item
Tiny Bee Warrior 50% to not use Favor when using Storm! Own a Tiny Bee Weapon Item
Royal Flush Using This Fist of Mine does not cost stamina - Ally Team

Combo Attacks

Align your Chakra with the flow of the World! Each attempt costs 5 Stamina. The yellow number is how many Chakra types you have correct and in the correct position, white is how many you have correct that aren't in the right position. Multiple types of the same Chakra can be used in the correct sequence.

Combo attacks, or Synchronizations, are puzzles that you can solve to do a large amount of damage (not counted to your ranking) to a WorldKaiju. When you solve the puzzle, the person count in that particular combo gets +1 people (+2 if using Whitey Style: Seven Nation Army), and if you solve it within the specified amount of attempts, you will receive the Elemental Mastery bonus against that WorldKaiju until dayroll (and the person count in that combo gets an additional +1 people). When the required amount of ninjas have joined the combo, the damage, unaffected by armor (?), will be dealt to the WorldKaiju, and a new Combo Attack will start. You can only join 1 combo attack per day, and cannot join a combo you completed in the same instance.

The puzzles consist of guessing what elements are in each textbox. You are told the amount of elements you have placed in the correct spots (but not which), and the number of elements you have guessed that are included in the puzzle (not including the correctly placed). There will be four slots, and the number of elements will be based on the difficulty. The elements are: Fire, Lightning, Water, Earth, Wind, RNG (same color as Fire, except black text instead of white), Awesome (yellow text on dark blue), and Code (green text on black). Note that RNG is an actual element, and not a random selector. Only 7 combo attacks are possible; the page for a WorldKaiju that has 7 completed combo attacks against it will say "All Combo Attacks Complete!" instead of offering details on the progress of the next combo attack.

Combo Damage Ninja Required # of Elements ADAM AspenStory FarmVale Craftworld Of War ForeverQuest
0 5,000,000 10 2 Mine Emoticon Storm Look a Pepper Queue Dance Grind Bees
1 10,000,000 25 3 Mine Some More Infinite Farm Look an Apple LFG Grind Lizards
2 20,000,000 50 4 Hooray for Mining Solo Hey Some Corn Powerlevel Grind Bees and Lizards
3 50,000,000 100 5 Mining is Awesome Jumping Puzzle Swat Crows Respec Grind Skeletons
4 100,000,000 150 6 Crash Into A Rock Rollback Bother Your Friends Bind on Pickup Grind Giant Skeletons
5 200,000,000 200 7 ??? Permanent Noobness ??? Pally Nerf Grind Skeleton Giants
6 500,000,000 250 8 ??? ??? ??? Epic Raid ???
Having Legacy as your bloodline will tell you which element the first box is not. This makes it possible to master the first combo 100% of the time:

As well as the second, though it's more complex:

The third is even more complex, but follows the same pattern:

Further combos are not often encountered, and left as an exercise to the reader, but follow the same pattern: with each step, try to break up the remaining possible solutions as much as possible.

Combo Format

WorldKai Group Join
Group Attack (Difficulty: X) (Mastery Bonus - X Attempts or less)
Synchronization Attempt #X
Table of Chakra options for current level of Combo, ranging from Fire to Awesome
Attempt Synchronization

Summon Forth a WorldKaiju!

(Special Attack Uniform required)

To summon a WorldKaiju to fight, you must pay The Glow, losing The Glow in this manner unlocks a quest to reacquire it at the cost of 22 million JXP. The WK you Summon is based on what Day it is. Once summoned, the whole world has 14 Days to defeat it. If they do, you will receive a Full Set of Emblems for each Rank you achieve against the WK. Fail, and you will lose Your ability to consume items for a week plus a week for each level of Enraged of the World Kaiju, and be unable to summon a WK again for a month. o_o. We strongly suggest you have a plan, or at least a bunch of friends, before you summon one, since it takes a lot of work to bring down a WorldKaiju.

WorldKaiju Summon Order: AspenStory > ADAM > FarmVale > ForeverQuest > Craftworld of War

The Summoning order resets back to AspenStory at the beginning of every month.
Those who have summoned and lost to a WorldKaiju can pay 1100 Stamina to remove one day from the consumable lock.

Personal Army

You can make a Personal Army to fight a WK privately. This army can be up to 20 ninja plus yourself. Only ninja on this list will be able to fight it. All fighters will get +50% to damage, only the top 3 (instead of top 11) damage-dealers get bonus emblems, and the timer is 11 days instead of 14.

Alternately, you can allow your entire village to fight (at least, the one that you are in when you summon). The bonus is only +25%, and you can not use this if you have an alt in your village. (This is only useful if you are in a village of more than 21 ninja, and is more useful the larger your village is.)

(It is not clear if this has to be your alt, or any two ninja that are alts of one another. Although, this should not come up anyway: BvS penalizes villages that have two ninja that it considers alts of one another - whether they are from the same IP address, registered as alts, or by other means - so a well-run village should not have two alts. Kages have an option to see if BvS thinks the village contains alts, under "Duplicate Player Check" on the Village page, so ask your kage to check this if you are unsure. Furthermore, including an alt of yours in your Personal Army could be considered alt abuse, and thus get you banned from BvS, whether or not it is in the same village.)


Until December 24, 2010, the penalty for summoning and losing was the loss of all Awesome for a week, plus another week for every level of Enraged of the World Kaiju. However, this had a hidden benefit: when you regained your Awesome, it was no longer assigned to particular abilities. At the time, there was normally a limit of one Awesome reset per season, unless one used Karma to buy a booster for a free restat. This led to abuse by players at or near the max level cap who wanted to reset their abilities without looping or paying for Karma: they would intentionally summon, and lose to, a World Kaiju.

In addition to changing the World Kaiju failure penalty, a new system for resetting Awesome (for a fee of 1 milion Ryo for the first "reset" , plus an additional cost of 20 milion ryo for each following use of reset until you Loop or new trophies are implemented) was put into place, making it possible—albeit very expensive—to reset it multiple times in a season.

On February 1st, 2011, the B-Rank prize of the AspenStory World Kaiju was changed from Major Cranes to 10 Golden Potions.

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