Vote for the PRESIDENT of BILLY!
Warning: Information found on this page is outdated and might not be in the game anymore.

This is where you vote for PRESIDENT OF BILLY! The President of Billy
gets a FULL SET of Golden Items, and everyone who voted for the
person who won gets a pair of ThankYou Potions!

After becoming President, they'll be instantly thrown out of office for being,
CHEATS ON THE WHEEL (yeah, we know you do, you filthy cheater). Still,
they get to keep the Golden Gear, so yay!

You can choose from any Player who has acheived Season 5 or higher.
You can choose 'Write in..' and write someone in instead, if you want,
including yourself, but remember, if the person you voted for doesn't win,
you don't get anything.

Polls close at 6PM BillyTime on Tuesday. Good Luck!

You voted for <insert name> x Times. Thanks! (and if you are eligible to vote in the
US, go vote today as well! Woo!)


You voted for the President - AgentBrand! Here's your 2 ThankYou Potions!

Prize Who gets
Golden Item Set The President of BvS
2x ThankYou Potion Those who voted for the President


The cost increases by 1000 Ryo for every new vote

# Cost
1 Free
2 1000 Ryo
3 3000 Ryo
4 6000 Ryo
5 10000 Ryo
6 15000 Ryo
7 21000 Ryo
8 28000 Ryo
9 36000 Ryo
10 45000 Ryo

Official Results:

Who Votes
AgentBrand 889
Uzuki 571
EvilTaxi 477
Dakralai 385
Lafiel 251
Celeste 230
Hungry 161
Vysaga 153
Jiraya 152
AzoJason 145

Results without all the filthy cheating:

Who Votes
AgentBrand 404
Uzuki 385
EvilTaxi 363
Dakralai 231
Lafiel 201
Celeste 136
Jiraya 122
Vysaga 109
TheShadow 105
WhiteTiger 102


  • The election started 4 november 2008 and ended 5 november 2008 (at 6PM)
  • The election is related to the American President Selection 2008
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