Tsunami Village, The Village Hidden in the Ocean

The Village Hidden in the Ocean

Village Headband


Village Description

Tsunami which was created by Volcano is currently looking for new ninja to join us in the NWW. We have the party house with daily item taking and many bonuses to help you along. Join today to be apart of a strong village!

Village Vitals

Current Kage: Skeith
Village Size: 31
Largest Size to Date: 36
Current Tax Rate: 40%
Current Upkeep: 48%
War Status: In war and NRF
Recruiting Status: Open

Trainers Available



Hitaiate Maker
Party House
Jonin Council
War Council
Potion Palace
Tasty Ramen Shop
Arms Depot
General Store
Potion Palace
Forest Trail
Quiet Glade
Ninja Cooking School
Tools of The Trade
and many more but are a secret and many monster upgrades.


Skeith (village leader and Creator)
Nekosama (co-kage)

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