The Village Hidden in the Moonlight

Village Headband


Village Description

The Tsuki village has been constructed by the Kaiju Swan in an attempt to lead yet another village into greatness. It was founded on April 4th, 2009 and within only a few days has acquired many upgrades and members. The village is flourishing with active and helpful members, good upgrades and a mind set that will get the village every upgrade one can get. Less than a week after it was founded, Tsuki village went NRF. Within a month it recieved the Enticement Altar and began getting continuously attacked by kaijus. Now it has been graced by every kaiju, a plethora of Zombjas and is EPIC!

Village Vitals

Current Kage: Swan
Village Size: Varies
Largest Size to Date: 50
Nonjas(Non-Ninjas): 20
Current Tax Rate: 50%
Current Upkeep: Varies
War Status: In the War
Recruiting Status: Open


All but the Majorkai upgrades and Elemental Beacon


Many. If you want to see so badly then just look us up.

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