The Wiki Village

The Village Hidden in the Information.

Village Description

This is the official Village of the BvS Wiki (this site). Our goal is to collect and gather as much information as we can about the world of BvS and to catalog as much of that information as we possibly can. Along the way, we intend to go to war and engage in battle with other Ninja Villages. Who said information gathering had to be peaceful?

The village itself is nestled deep within an old mountain range. The age of the mountain has allowed a large number of flora and fauna to grow, providing a rather lush landscape on what would otherwise be rocky terrain. The combination of the remoteness of the mountains and the density of the foliage has allowed the Wiki to develop into a rather large village, even as it remains hidden away in the mountains. While the initial village was built above ground, further developments of the Wiki village have been made through a series of tunnels and caves into the mountain itself. Because of this unique design, the village has grown quite massive in size, while at the same time allowing itself to remain relatively hidden in the world at large.

At the center of the Village, and above ground, is the main administrative structure of the Wiki. This building houses numerous rooms and offices for the various councils that guide and direct the secret plans of the Wiki. The office of the Annaikage is found here, though it is rare to find the Annaikage in his office. The third floor of the building includes a massive War Room, which is rumored to keep track of all of the major hidden villages in the world. It is in this room that the War Council meets to discuss the Village strategy in the Ninja World War.

It has been suggested that there is a SWATBU facility nearby as well, overseen by the Village Spymaster, the Nidaime Annaikage Jupiah. This SWATBU squad has become known for it's incredible effectiveness for counter intelligence. SWATBU ninja such as Gogolu have captured numerous enemy spies for interrogation and information gathering. The Wiki's SWATBU has utilized the peculiar sound technique of Blaring Music to disrupt and disorient those who aren't trained to block out the obnoxious and continuous noise.

The Jonin Council also meets in this administrative building, once a month. The council consists of a number of the Wiki's most prominent Jonin level shinobi, overseen by the Annaikage. The specific discussions of the Council are highly classified, but it is rumored that it is amongst these council members that Jonin candidates are determined and judged. There have also been whispers that the Council has begun to organize an elite detachment of ninja specifically to track down traitors and spies within the Wiki, but these rumors cannot be confirmed at this time. While a complete list of Council members is unknown, the rumors suggest that Uzuki and Jupiah may be active in the Council chambers. Recently, the Jonin Council has begun rather intensive training for the Village Jonin, instituting a formal Jonin Training Academy to increase the strength of the expert ninja of the Wiki.

Above ground, the most distinctive and public structure is, without a doubt, the village Party House, which is best described as a seedy bar. Founded as a Village intent on gathering information, the Party House has become a place for shinobi of all ranks to gather to buy and sell information that they've gathered around the world. Legends and myths about various ninja are discovered and disseminated from this structure. As a result of it's import in the Wiki culture, various other 'institutions' have arisen around the party house. Z-Dog has become known as the bar's Banker, providing a number of Black Market services and having made numerous Connections that have done much to increase the prosperity of the Wiki Village.

Hidden beneath the Village, in the numerous secret caves and tunnels are the Wiki's research facilities. Before the founding of the Village, Uzuki captured SNAKEMAN with the intent to force SNAKEMAN to serve the goals and ambitions of the new hidden village. Since then, SNAKEMAN has been given a fair amount of autonomy, despite being a prisoner. As such, two research facilities have been created to help develop Wiki techniques and upgrades. The first is the Science! Workshop, which has allowed for the creation of various machines, while the second is the village's Natural Research Facility, used to research the summoning and control of various monsters.

The Science! Workshop is currently under the management of Ainn, who has become known as something of a 'Mad Scientist' as of late. It is in this facility that the Ainn has developed the Geothermal Acclimator, the main focus of the Wiki's scientific investments. While the machine itself hasn't seen much use quite yet, it does show great promise in the ability to help collect various medical resources and more vital resources for various projects that the Wiki is currently working towards.

Separate from the physical research facilities is the Potion Palace, where a chemical experiments were rumored to take place. Alyson has since taken over the Potion Palace from SNAKEMAN and has really begun to do some amazing work in developing medical techniques and elixirs, moving it away from it's more nefarious chemical experiments of the past. Alyson has since been aided by Wilford the Office Ninja with the filing of various reports and pieces of important experimental information.

Through a separate set of tunnels is the Village armory and Arms Depot. Here, the Wiki's weapon specialist, Omnifox, can be found maintaining and developing new weaponry to be used by Wiki shinobi in their various conflicts and missions. Perhaps the most desirable piece of equipment is the Wiki's highly specialized Chakra Armor, which is used to further enhance the chakra network of it's wearer.

Village Vitals

Current Kage: Uzuki
Village Size: 50
Largest Size to Date: 50
Current Tax Rate: 50%
War Status: War+NRF.
Recruiting Status: Open

Trainers Available



All purchasable upgrades & most monster upgrades.


Notice: The Wiki Village only makes public the names of members who ask the Kage to have their name be known. If you are not on this list, and you would like to be, mention something to Uzuki!

Current Members

Former Members

Current and Former Annaikage

The leader of the Wiki is known as Annaikage. The following individuals have served as Annaikage.


You may contact our Kage, Uzuki, in BvS or send him a PM from his profile page.

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