TabooNoise Village
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Village Description

It's our aim to form a village, where every player can improve and rise up to the Level of a legend. You are free to join, too! Besides our upgrades and community we have nifty things like Personal Kaiju1,Resource Points giveout, ALL Leader Kaiju Drops raffle for our villagers!!! Also we usually have contests with shiny prizes ^_^
P.S. TabooNoise is the successor of Noise Village, which existed for 120 and was blown up on the 11th of February. Now we are Tier3 Immortal Realm. :)

Village Vitals

Kaiju-Kage: Giriel
Village Size: >35 (38 nao)
Current Tax Rate: 27-28%
War Status: InWar, of course
Recruiting Status: Automatic


We have 180 upgrades at the Moment, including all important ones. Means you can do

Also we have


  • Giriel (exVillage Leader, Kaiju)
  • Neuro (had nick WRYYYYY before) (new Village leader)
  • MIKOLA (SCIENCE! and Vice)

and others…

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