The Village Hidden in the AfterSwarm

Village Headband


Village Description

ReHive is the reformation of the exploded "Hive" village. ReHive symbolising a rebirth from the ashes began their status as an IR late in the game.
Hive village was formed originally when Smegal and Rayn left Golden village feeling that the leader at the time was unable to perform this role. Half the village subsequently followed and helped build Hive up in less than 3 months to become capable to completing the Impossible Mission.
Upon entering Imortal realm status we began our challenge against Ayashi Nin also known as "Gyoshido's challenge". This was a 100 day long contest of village growth and advancement. After the 100 days were done Ayashi Nin stood with little over 1300 points where ReHive stood gloriously with over 1900. The bet was welched on from the losing party however Smegal honored the bet to his members nonetheless.
We are now Tier 3 and taking out the Major kaiju with no trouble.

ReHive is ran not by one person but by an elected council of loyal and intelligent people. The council consists of people whom make major decisions such as when to buy certain upgrades and how to run things on a daily basis. It was decided on day 1 that everything in the village is based on equality and fairness. It is under this premice that the kaiju drop system developed by the council would be used.

Village Vitals

Current Kage: Smegal
Village Size: 45
Current Tax Rate: 32%
Current Upkeep: 81%
War Status: Beaconed
Recruiting Status: Open


All purchasable and Minor kaiju upgrades. (Except sabo fac)
Progressivly attaining each Major Kai upgrade.

The evil council


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