The Village Hidden in the Fish


Village Description

Poisson's story started on November 21, 2008, when Gaussian Village completed the Impossible Mission. Although it was originally founded as a warrior village, Poisson, like its predecessor also aims to be a center of learning and experimentation. Its founder wrote the Billy Vs SNAKEMAN manual, has compiled and is updating a guide for village leaders to help run their villages more effectively. The village's extremely rapid growth -even faster than Gaussian's own, with zero to Epic in only seven days- has provided a wealth of insight, which the guide shares.

Gaussian Village founded a new power group, the League of Mortals, which Poisson continues. This group exists to help support new and struggling members and villages: the "mortals" of the game, in contrast to its "gods."

Village Vitals

Current Kage: Millennium
Village Size: 50, plus 20 Nonjas
Current Tax Rate: 40% (as low as the game allows for a village of our size)
War Status: Active
Recruiting Status: Open


We offer all upgrades that do not come from Major Kaiju, and we are currently hunting Major Kaiju to complete our collection.


We are aggressively pursuing the growth of our village, as we rebuild Gaussian's former power. We are also experimenting with new techniques for encouraging village growth.

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