The Village Hidden in the Rainbow

Village Description

Nijiiro is a mid-sized village friendly to new players.

Village Vitals

Current Kage: Dylvana
Village Size: 39
Largest Size to Date: 41
Current Tax Rate: 41%
Current Upkeep: 52%
War Status: Active
Recruiting Status: Recruiting

Trainers Available

Annie, Billy, Big Bo, Big Ro, Big Shammy, Bruce Jr, Bruce Sr, Emosuke, Flipper, J-Diddy, K Y, K-Dog, Lil Bo, Lil Ro, Lil Shammy, Lil Whitey, Master P, Meatballs, Ol Whitey, Pinky, Red Rover, Sicko, SNAKEMAN, Stalkergirl, Smokey the Bear, Terri, The HoClaus, The Rack, Trapchan, Triple H, Yuri, and Z-Dog.


Hitaiate Maker
Party House
Collection Squad
Genin Training School
Chunin Training School
Meditation Rooms
War Council
Jonin Council
Black Market
Natural Research Facility
Tasty Ramen Shop
Ninja Dog Kennel
Arms Depot
Sand Village Trading Post
War Room
General Store
Potion Palace
Forest Trail
Quiet Glade
Jonin Training Academy
Ninja-Mas Tree
plus 21 more= 44 upgrades


Dylvana, Collie, Kenpachi81, MeowWolf, Mayhem, Saruwatari, Destroyer, alastor, aznmonster, Lysander

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