Blood Mist Village

The Village Hidden in Sacrifices

Village Headband


Village Vitals

Current Blood MizuKage: Zras
Vice Kage: Crimzero
Council: haven63601, 03elswos, Chew Toy
Village Size: 34
Nonjas (Non-Ninjas): 20
Current Tax Rate: 36%
Current Upkeep: 69%
War Status: NWW
Recruiting Status: Open (Auto-Accept)


Number of Upgrades: 71

Basic Information

Blood Mist Village has risen from the ashes of Mist Village. An Immortal Ream led by the Kaiju Zras, we have many dedicated older Ninja to help both the young and new Ninja alike. . If you are looking for a village to call home, give Blood Mist a try.

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