The Village Hidden in the Bones

Village Headband


Village Description

Welcome to HollowBone the village hidden in the bones. This is the reincarnated Marrow village.

We're going to try to grow as fast as possible so invite your friends and family to play. We're here for fun so if you are struggling with something let us know and we'll help you out. Items in the 'Storehouse' are up for grabs just let me know what you'd like. And be kind and donate stuff you don't need.

Village Actions: All - Collect

Next upgrade: Collection Squad

Allies: n/a
Enemies: n/a

Village Vitals

Current Kage: Kitai
Village Size: 26 (20 Nonja's)
Largest Size to Date: 6 (No Nonja's)
Current Tax Rate: 7%
Current Upkeep: 50%
War Status: Not currently in war
Recruiting Status: Open

Trainers Available


Just starting out. We're working on getting back up to Epic status as soon as possible.


-Kitai (Village Leader)

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