Manetheren Village - The Immortal Realm of the Kaiju Rand

…(formerly know as Emonds Village)…

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Under this sign he will conquer

Welcome to Manetheren Village

I founded Emonds Village to honour the memory of Robert Jordan, the genius author of "the Wheel of Time".
My village's name refered, of course, to Emonds Field, the small village in the Two Rivers, where the epic story of Jordan's "Wheel of Time" begins. Emonds Village was blown up during the Impossible Mission and from its ashes rose Manetheren to even greater glory. We are one of the Top Villages of the game and our dedicated players try their best to keep us that way!

The Village

Founder: Rand
Former Emonds Village
Village size: currently 47
Tier-3 Immortal Realm
War status: Active
Recruiting Status: Open

Number of Upgrades: 149
All except Sabotage, Bargler Guards and 3 Major Kaiju-Upgrades

Village Members


  • Rand
  • DennyCrane a.k.a. Oruboros
  • Tish
  • Jochabeth
  • Deedo

BleedinEye, Hatschi, agar, keld, csmokey, Sakura28, legitballa, BloeR, Kamui, temuzjin, Raidri, Leode, Mara, lilith210, wowie, XxkvzxK and isogor

S18 - Tish
S16 - Hatschi
S15 - Rand, keld, BleedinEye
S11 - Deedo
S10 - isogor, agar, BloeR, Jochabeth, csmokey
S9 - Mara, Pheles86b
S8 - wowie, Sakura28
S6 - Kenji Koji, firesoul, zuko
S5 - lilith210, choas9878, Raidri, kingen
S4 - KanTen, XxkvzxX, Moridin, temuzjin, hhtn5421
S3 - Erystheia, Asm0dean, Varzil, mixmano, Leode, Hyineata, Ethric, Demandred, Kamui
S2 - Dakatos, minoru89, Victor, Chouji san, Imperiex, Khaavren
S1 - Trition, Usagi, kong, FayeV, ikamuzu, Roberto


In case you want to join our community, please feel free to send your application.


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