The Village Hidden in the Immaterium

Village Headband

It's a totally sweet pair of lightning bolts that represent something really deep. We're not sure what yet, but they are very sharp, and therefore suitable to STABBING PEOPLE IN THE FACE.

Village Description

Our goal is to cut a bloody swathe of destruction through the continent, leaving naught but burnt corpses and decapitated cows in our wake. Or, you know, kick back and kill people in the NWW. Or start NWW3. Or bulldoze random people. Actually, we'd really be happy with sitting here and throwing dirty looks at passerby, since running them down and gutting them is a lot of work.

Really, I think the highlight of this presentation is that we're trying to kill people and find someone who can read a map. Unfortunately, since we're always angry, we tend to kill maps (and anyone who can read them), so we're having some minor difficulties in that regard. Fear not, though! We recently discovered that if you kill enough people, eventually someone gives you directions before dying! They might not LEAD anywhere, admittedly, but it gives us a purpose - and a target!

Oh, and we also enjoy long walks on the beach, sacrificing heathen to the Blood God Khorne, and butchering anyone who looks at us funny. We ARE angry, you know. Always angry. All the time.

Village Vitals

Current Kage: Astaroth
Everything Else: Why the fuck would I know? We're Epic, we have most of the buyable upgrades and some monster stuff, and always have room.

Trainers Available




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