Hikari Village, The Village Hidden in the Light

The Village Hidden in the Light

Village Headband


Village Description

Hikari has existed as long as many of the Former villages of the Great Kaiju Kage. It was by the Ichidiame Hikarikage Paran, who has since been claimed by the great deleter. Under Paran it grew from nothingness to a grand village with a Natural Research Facility. From there it was passed to Pluveus, the brother of the current Kage Xenos. Pluveus advanced the village in ways that were not yet known to Ninja, over seeing the installation of the Burger Ninja and Tools of the Trade. From there it passed to Xenos, such that Pluveus could begin his wanderings. Xenos, the Sandaime Hikarikage has grown the village into a truly great one, by overseeing the construction of Hikari's Epic Monument, a great beacon that reflects off key buildings in Hikari to form the sun disk which emblazons the forehead protector of all the Ninja of Hikari.

Now Xenos seeks one last quest. Xenos has compiled power from studying under the Great jkeezer. As he witnessed the Ascension of his Sensei into the world of the Kaiju, so too must he travel. Xenos has gained great power in his time, from the power of The Full Moon, to the Spirits of the Demons of the Sand and Nine-Tails. He has dabbled in the fields and outsmarted the greatest murderer and detective the world has ever seen. He needs only wait as his village grows. Once it reaches a size that this world can no longer contain, he will open the Portal and bring it into the next.

Village Vitals

Current Kage: Xenos
Village Size: 27
Current Tax Rate: 20%
Current Upkeep: 63%
War Status: Active in War
Recruiting Status: Fervent

Upgrades: 1161

These are purchased by your village in exchange for Ryo and your village's primary Resource.

Upgrade Bonus
Banker Base Upkeep is halved
Chunin Training School Chunin get +1 stamina per successful C-and D-Rank Mission
Claw Machines Add a Claw Machine To the Party House.
Collection Squad 3% Base Collection Bonus per collector
Darts Hall Allows the Playing of darts in the Party house.
Genin Training School 50% off the chunin exam
Hitaiate Maker Make Headbands for your Village
Meditation Rooms +50 Chakra per charge
Nonja Farm Allow the buying of Nonjas
Overseers +5% Base Collect Bonus for Genin and Chunin
Party House Villagers recieve a base 20% discount at the Party House
RoboGas Station +10000 Daily RoboFighto Ryo (Machine Shop required)
Science! Facility Allows creation of Science! Upgrades
War Council Your Village may enter the Ninja World War


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