The Village Hidden in the Blur


Village Description

Although it was originally founded as a warrior village, Gaussian also aims to be a center of learning and experimentation. Its founder wrote the Billy Vs SNAKEMAN manual, and is currently compiling a guide for village leaders to help run their villages more effectively. The village's extremely rapid growth has provided a wealth of insight, which the guide will share.

Recently, Gaussian Village has founded a new power group, the League of Mortals. This group exists to attend to the needs of villages whose leaders have not run the Impossible Mission.


Gaussian Village's story ended on Friday, November 21, 2008 at 9:00 PM server time, when its leader completed the Impossible Mission. Its successor is the Immortal Realm Poisson Village.

Village Vitals

Current Kage: Millennium
Village Size: 50
Largest Size to Date: 50
Current Tax Rate: 50% (as low as the game allows for a village of our size)
War Status: Active with Natural Research Facility
Recruiting Status: Open

Trainers Available

All known trainers are available for our members, including The HoClaus.


We offer many upgrades for our members, but here is a partial listing of our basic infrastructure:

Enticement Altar
Epic Monument
Genin Training School, Chunin Training School, and Jonin Training Academy
Ninja Ambassadors
Party House (discounted due to Fun Club Memberships), enhanced by Claw Machines
Potion Palace (collecting is discounted due to Hiking Rest Stop and Quiet Glade, and also enhanced by Forest Trail)
Science! Workshop
Summoning Circle
Tasty Ramen Shop (enhanced by Ninja Cooking School)
Tools of The Trade

In addition, our shops have been enhanced by the upgrades Arms Depot, Forest Trail, General Store, Ninja Dog Kennel, and Sand Village Trading Post

Finally, our Stamina upgrades currently total +80 Stamina per day for all members.

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