Dark Wolf

Dark Wolf
The Village Hidden in Darkness
Village Headband
[[image ]]

Village Description
Dark Wolf Village is a village that's trying to be one of the top ranking village on BVS.Come join and help make this village a better village.

Village Vitals
Current Kage:Narutopwr1
Village Size:2
Largest Size to Date:2
Current Tax Rate:2%
Current Upkeep:12%
War Status:Not Joined
Recruiting Status:Open


  1. Banker
  2. BillyCon Center
  3. Blaring Music
  4. Carapace Walls
  5. Chunin Training School
  6. Collection Squad
  7. Creepy Traps
  8. Forest Trail
  9. Fortified Walls
  10. Genin Training School
  11. Hitaiate Maker
  12. Infiltration Academy
  13. Meditation Rooms
  14. Militia
  15. Natural Research Facility
  16. Ninja Attack Squad
  17. Nonja Farm
  18. Overseers
  19. Party House
  20. Robo-Maids
  21. Robot Guards
  22. Saboteur School
  23. Science! Facility
  24. Sentry Squads
  25. Siege Engines
  26. Solidarity
  27. Spy Towers
  28. Tofu Shop
  29. War Council
  30. Wind Wards


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