Dark Star

The Village Hidden in the

Village Headband


Village Description

Village Vitals

Current Kage: KazeNR
Village Size: 0
Largest Size to Date: 0
Current Tax Rate: 1%
Current Upkeep: 3%
War Status: NRF
Recruiting Status: Recruiting!

Trainers Available


Ancient Teachings
Arms Depot
Chakra Training Center
Chunin Training School
Claw Machines
Crafting Workshop
Crystal Amplifiers
Darts Hall
Enticement Altar
Forest Trail
General Store
Genin Training School
Hitaiate Maker
Jonin Council
Juice Bar
Magic Academy
Meditation Rooms
Natural Research Facility
Ninja-Mas Tree
Party House
Pose Training
Sand Village Trading Post
Science! Facility
Summoning Circle
Tasty Ramen Shop
Tofu Shop
War Council
Wasteland Highway



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