Dark Flame

The Village Hidden in the Mountain

Village Description

It is a nice , fast-developing village. For now we are focusing on finding new and intersting things about the game, looping, questing, monster hunting. We are also part the the War so there is some attacking and making shure that we dont get hit also. We are currently accepting new members so feel free to try and apply for it.

Village Vitals

Current Kage: You!
Village Size: 30
Largest Size to Date: 35
Current Tax Rate: 35%
Current Upkeep: 20%
War Status: In the War
Recruiting Status: Open

Trainers Available

Billy, Pinky, Emosuke, K-Dog, Flipper, Lil' Ro, Lil' Shammy, Lil' Bo, Red Rover, Stalker Girl, Bruce Jr., Meatballs, Lil' Whitey, K.Y., Smokey The Bear, Bruce Sr., Triple H, Master P, Terri, Trapchan, Yuri, The Rack, Sicko, Annie, Ol' Whitey, J-Daddy, SNAKEMAN, Big Ro, Big Bo, Big Shammy, Z-Dog… everyone realy… :)


  1. Ninja-Mas Tree
  2. Hitaiate Maker
  3. Party House
  4. Banker
  5. Fortified Walls
  6. Spy Towers
  7. Sentry Squads
  8. Ninja Attack Squad
  9. Infiltration Academy
  10. Creepy Traps
  11. Genin Training School
  12. Chunin Training School
  13. Meditation Rooms
  14. War Council
  15. Solidarity
  16. Siege Engines
  17. Science! Workshop
  18. Militia
  19. Claw Machines
  20. Jonin Council
  21. Black Market
  22. Natural Research Facility
  23. Tasty Ramen Shop
  24. Invasion Defense
  25. Connections
  26. Pass Permits
  27. Interrogators
  28. Ninja Dog Kennel
  29. Arms Depot
  30. Sand Village Trading Post
  31. Scattered Outposts
  32. Bingo Academy
  33. War Room
  34. General Store
  35. BurgerNinja
  36. Elemental Shield
  37. Special Forces (Ninjutsu)
  38. Potion Palace
  39. Forest Trail
  40. Quiet Glade
  41. Ninja Cooking School
  42. Spy Network
  43. Jonin Training Academy
  44. Tools of The Trade
  45. SWATBU
  46. Tall Walls
  47. Big Ladders
  48. Enticement Altar
  49. Tunnel System
  50. Familiarity
  51. Carapace Walls
  52. Robot Guards
  53. Fanboy Stink Moat
  54. Troop Positioning
  55. Little Tricycles
  56. Wind Wards
  57. Undead Guards
  58. Magic Academy
  59. Pose Training
  60. Tofu Shop
  61. Scouters
  62. Forum Mods


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