(If you're curious as to how to make a village, please see the Make a Village page.)

The village is where ninja come to work together in order to accomplish similar goals. For most shinobi, that involves trying to become more powerful. In many cases, that involves killing each other. Still, the Village is incredibly important in BvS, as it opens up new ranks and many upgrades that are not available to homeless ninja. While you can play BvS without a village, you're going to end up highly limited.

To make a new village, you must have The Five Rings, be in season 2+, and have 50000 Ryo, which forms your village's initial bank. You must also not be in a village. It is advisable, but by no means required, to have some method of getting villagers - besides just advertising on the BvS village recruiting pages - before you form your own village. You can be a village leader of lesser rank if you looped after starting the village - being a kage loops.

I am in a large village which has way more Ryo than it needs. Why is my tax rate so high? Because you are in a large village. The minimum tax rate is the largest number of ninja the village has had to date - if you are in a village which has or has had 50 members, for instance, the minimum tax rate is 50%. If a village loses members, for instance if the kage kicks out a bunch of inactive ninja, the kage can remodel the village to reduce this maximum to the current number of villagers - but this costs Ryo, and so is usually only done if a significant number of ninja are lost, not just one or two. At this time, there is no way for the kage to directly refund this Ryo to the villagers.


See own section for more information Upgrades

Upgrades are buildings that your village can construct to increase its power. In some cases, they provide direct benefits to existing ninja (such as the Genin Training School), while others simply open up the possibility for new ranks (such as the Jonin Council). Upgrades tend to be extremely expensive, but they are incredibly important for the development of your village and for the development of your ninja. Also, completing a village action now costs no stamina to do.


When a village is created, it is assigned one of three possible resources at random. This resource will be the primary resource for building upgrades, especially before you join the Ninja World War. However, some upgrades will require resources other than the one your village produces. There are two ways to do get these resources: invade other villages, or win them from the party house. You need to be in the war to win other basic resources besides the one produced by your village.

Basic Resources

  • Brilliant Crystals
  • Medicinal Water
  • Precious Metals

Advanced Resources

When a village builds a Natural Research Facility, it is assigned one of two possible Advanced Resources at random. It continues to produce its Basic Resource normally, but will also produce this Advanced Resource at a much lower rate. This resource will be the primary resource for building advanced upgrades, but as before, some upgrades will require the Advanced Resource that your village does not produce. Advanced Resources cannot be won in the Party House, so you must invade villages to get what you do not produce yourself.

  • Solid Fire
  • Unmelting Ice

The Ninja World War

Once you village gets the War Council, your village can become a part of the Ninja World War, this is a one-time decision, so when you first have become a part of the NWW, there is no turning back.

To get other Resources than you Primary Resource you have to become a part of the NWW and invade other villages.

Once you have entered you get the ability to Spy and Attack/Invade other Village and Bingo other Village Members

When you spy or attack, you will be told what the Basic Resource of the village is, and its Advanced Resource if it has a Natural Research Facility. You will also receive flavortext depending on the village's size:

  • 41-50: This village is huge - how is it still a secret?
  • 31-40: This village covers a wide area - forests, a river, and a large plain.
  • 21-30: This village fills most of the valley it occupies.
  • 11-20: This village spans a small portion of a valley.
  • 1-10: This is a tiny village.


You must be Chunin+ to spy on a village.

The cost of Spying is 5 Stamina to Look into the village, and 25 Stamina for Infiltrating the village.

Spying on villages lets you Bingo their ninjas, and attack the village.

Looking into the village lets you see which basic defenses the village has, as well as the resources the village produces.

Next step is to Infiltrate, which takes 24 hours to do. You can only Bingo other village's Ninja or Attack a village if you have successfully Infiltrated the village!
If you have a Spy Network you can pay 3000 Ryo to look at a Infiltrating or Infiltrated village's Resources and Village Bank, as well as their attack plans and who they are defending against.

All your item bonuses are counted when Infiltrating, but Allies won't help you.

Items which only give bonuses during the Spying prosess:

Summons which helps Spying:

Upgrades Related to Spying:

Attacking Villages

You must be Special Jonin+ to attack a village.

The cost of attacking a village is 50 Stamina

Attacking a village can be done by Invading, Raiding, or Sabotage. They require that you have a spy in the opposite village, but while you can raid any village that has been infiltrated that is in your tier, a villager with Vice-Kage permissions must direct the Invasion Preparations (which takes 4 hours) at the village you want to Invade. You then roll all 3 stats for the check. No allies or jutsu are used.

Invading: You take one of each available Resource. If you have a Claymore you have a 1 in 3 chance to take one of their native advanced resources if they have none.

Raiding: You take 1% Ryo from their Village Bank.

Sabotage: BASE: 20k to 40k damage base. This is the 'base' that all % multipliers work on.
BASE BONUS: All the All-out War stuff goes here.
MULTIVILLAGE: + 20k for each other village that sabotaged you that day
MULTIVILLAGE BONUS: if 5+ Villages hit today (counts the current attack), double the MultiVillage.
MULTIVILLAGE BONUS: if 10+ Villages hit today (counts the current attack), double the MultiVillage. (x4)
Example: So, let's say you aren't in an All-out War, but you are in a sabotage-facility village. You are the 10th swing on FailBoat Village (apologies if there actually is one).
You do 20k to 40k, plus (20K*10*4). so that tenth swing does 820,000 to 840,000 damage.

The A-Team (Mister Tea Lvl. 3, Blind Fury, Smiley) will give you +3 Strength in an attack, and lets you take 2% ryo for their Village Bank when raiding.

All your item bonuses are counted in Invasions/Raids, but Allies won't help you.

Items which only give bonuses to attacking:

The only summon which can help you when attacking is Super Frog (+3 Range)

Village Difficulty and Successes in attacks are calculated by upgrades, village size, and Patrol percentages. These difficulties will be the same for all stats.

Upgrades Related to Attacking:

Bingo Book

See own section for more information: Bingo'ing

These are the ninja that you have information on, through your village's spies. You can track them down and bingo them - attacking them so they are too weak to raid a village (yours, probably!), spy, collect, patrol and battle in NWW for 36 hours. Once you find out which ninja villages are raiding your village, bingo them to keep yourself safe!

There are two steps to bingoing someone - tracking them down, and attacking.

(To start tracking a ninja costs 50 Stamina. Once you start tracking them, leaving the Tracking/Bingoing pages to the Main Menu or the like will cause you to lose the trail, so no nipping off for some Chakra or team reorganizing!)

Peacetime Bonus

When your village isn't active in the Ninja World War for at least 24 hours as of Dayroll, you begin to accrue Peacetime bonuses. For every full day in which the village isn't visibly an aggressor, you gain a +1 Peacetime bonus. This adds +1 to the difficulty and successes needed for a successful attack. It also confers a +1 tracking difficulty and +1 needed to deal damage to all the ninja in the village while being bingo'd.

Actions that remove peacetime:

  • Invading a Village
  • Raiding a Village
  • Failing a Spying Attempt
  • Hard Bingo'ing

As this list is not exhaustive, one should be aware that other Acts of War, may also cost your Village its Peacetime bonus, but have not been attempted/reported.

Village Actions

Collect Resources

This village action lets you help gather resources for your village. This increases the chance of collecting resources which are necessary to purchase upgrades. All ninja can collect in villages but higher ranks give better collection percentage. This costs no stam to do.
The village upgrade Overseers increases the base resource collection with +5% for Genin and Chunin.
If you 'just' collect, you will gain a 5,000 Ranking XP Bonus. (This is NOT Jutsu XP!) You may also help with Science! (if your village has Science! Facility), which gives you 12,000 RXP.


Helps to keep your village from being attacked! This increases the difficulty of other villages attacking your village. 1 Patrol will give +1 difficulty for other villages to attack you. There is no limit. 50 people patrolling will give +50 difficulty.
Patrolling gives 7,000 RXP.

Do Paperwork

This village action lets you help out your village submitting Mission Results. As result your village will have -1% upkeep next dayroll per person who do paperwork.
If your village has the upgrade Cushy Offices, Sannins will give -4% upkeep.
If your village has the upgrade Impressive History, everyone will give additional -1% upkeep.
Doing Paperwork gives 10,000 RXP.


Repairing will help fix the state of your upgrades that are damaged.
The higher the rank you are, the more you provide for your village when doing the Help With Repairs village action.

You can enable/disable repairs upon your request at any time.

Kaiju cause daily damage to a random upgrade for every dayroll it is not at 0HP or Crippled State.


Resupply the Z-Fighters! (+0.5 ZAP to all players, +25 ZP)
Resupply must now be 'enabled'.

Snow Day

Each village has a random chance at Dayroll to be snowing. The chance varies with the month, from 3% to 40%. The amount of snow is also random. You may not do Village Actions until you have finished shoveling away the snow in your village (your total snow shoveled is more than the snow level). Once this happens, you will get either a small Ryo bonus (either 4,000 or 7,000) or a +10% AP/Ryo Hot Cocoa bonus.

Snow Day!

Seriously, there is snow EVERYWHERE. No one can get anything done. Even the Crank is frozen over, and that thing runs rain or shine. o_o

Shoveling costs 10 Stamina, then 20 Stamina, then 30 Stamina, and so on. You can shovel 1-10 Snow per attempt, but you get better at it as you go - second time is 2-20, then 3-30, and so on.

Once you shovel enough to meet or beat the Snow Level, you can do your Village Action for the day, and you might get a nice surprise for being such a big help.

However, if you are up to it, the whole world needs shoveling. If you want help out, keep shoveling - you can shovel a total of 11 times, and every point of Shoveling is an entry into the random awards that the Worldwide Shoveling Association bestows every day.

Win your own MegaPlow! Snowshovel! A Snowman for your village! Nothing at all! It's all tradable, so if you don't get it, pester someone who has an extra!

Let's Shoveling!! (the WSA is no good at coming up with slogans)

Current Snow Level in your Village: XX
You've Shoveled: X times for a total of XX Snow

Shovels give you a chance to win MegaPlows, SnowShovels and Snowmen. You can still get a prize even if you leave the village you shovelled in. The amount of snow you shovel only matters for unlocking your village action, not for winning prizes.

Hunt for Potion Ingredients!

After getting the upgrade Crafting Workshop Chunin and higher can go to different areas and hunt for ingredients.
The cost for Hunting is 30 Stamina.
During Lunar Overclocking you can get special Ingredients.



Festival Day

It's the 11th!

Open on the 11th day every month


Requirements: Filler Themes on the last day of the month, or October 31st.

It's Candyween!

Hidden HoClaus

Requirements: Filler Themes on the 24th of the month, or Christmas Eve

It's Ninja-Mas Eve!


Taxes that village should recieve from players (from mission and party house) became lower due to Upkeep (%)
You may also complete the village action of Doing Paperwork which will lower the village upkeep 1% per person that does it for the next day.

Values counting up to Upkeep

  • -1% per Genin
  • -2% per Chunin
  • +2% per Special Jonin
  • +4% per Jonin
  • +10% per Sannin
  • +1% per bought Upgrade (Hitaiate Maker and Monster Upgrades do not count towards Upkeep)
  • +2% per peacetime bonus if in war (cannot be modified)
  • - any bonuses
  • - Paperwork

Upgrades That Reduce Upkeep

  • Banker - Base Upkeep is halved
  • Connections - Base Upkeep is -20% after Banker (Require Banker to function)
  • Elemental Harmony - Base Upkeep is -15% after Connections (Require Connections to function)
  • Self Sufficiency - Base Upkeep is -20% after Elemental Harmony (requires Elemental Harmony to function)
  • Familiarity - First 15 Upgrades does not count toward Upkeep
  • Cushy Offices - Sannin get -4% Upkeep on Paperwork Actions
  • Robo-Maids - 10% less Upkeep


You may / may not: (Village leader decides)

  • Attack Other Villages
  • Buy / Edit Upgrades
  • Change the Announcement
  • Edit Members
  • Leave Messages
  • Spy on Other Villages
  • Take Permanent Items
  • Take (Some) Storehouse Items
  • Vice-Leader Options

Village Bank

Donate Ryo (Chunin or Higher)

Give any? X% will be used towards upkeep like the daily collection.

Store House

Give and Take Items in the Storehouse!
The kage decides how many Items you can take per day.

Leave Village

Want to leave your village? Just type your password in the box and hit 'Leave Village'.

You may only enter a village once a day, unless you use a TeleVillage Potion for each extra time.

Other Village Actions

Zombja Battle!

Requirements: Nonja Farm and Nonja Lab

Zombjas have attacked your Village!

Kaiju Battle!

Requirements: Natural Research Facility and a summoned Kaiju

Your village is under attack by a giant monster!

Phase Menu

Requirements: Chaos Gate and a R00t Password

Multi-Dimensional Kaiju!

Party House

Chat, relax, and win fabulous prizes!

PizzaWitch Garage

Requirements: PizzaWitch and a License to Speed

Drop by PizzaWitch!


Requirements: BillyCon Center

Go to a Convention!

Jutsu Enhancement

Requirement: Jutsu Enhancement Tower

Enhance the quality of your Jutsu!


Requirement: Machine Shop

Enter the ROBO FIGHTO!

Enter the Tattoo Parlor!

Requirement: Tattoo Parlor

Work on your tats with Tats!

Chillax, Bro.

Requirements: Manly Altar

Chillax in front of the Manly Altar!

It's Billy TV!

Requirements: Television Studio

Go see how TV is made!

More like Lemon-"aid" amirite? >

Requirements: Lemonade Stand

Have some tasty Lemonade!

Roll That Die!

Requirements: Dice Pedestal

The Dice call to you..

Rock On!

Requirements: Black Stones

Go to a Black Stones Concert!

Get your Learn On!

Requirements: Pandora Library

Study at the Pandora Library!


Requirements: Lucha Ring

Face off against
El Diablo Supreme!

Purchase Ramen

Requirement: Ninja Cooking School

Swipe some eats at the Ramen Shop

Obscure your Name

Requirements: Tools of the Trade and The Trade

Protect Yourself from The Note for 24 hours. 100 Ryo per Level. (costs increase 50 per level after each use. to reset cost, go without protection for 48 hours.)

Field Menu

Requirements: Chaos Gate and a R00t Password

Explore other Fields!

Spend your Z-Rewards

Requirements: Nonja Lab

Spend your Z-Rewards!

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