R00t Calculator

Optimizer by AyashinAyashin

  • Base stats are your total stats in the Fields, not including r00t recompilation. (Note that team bonuses and temporary potions generally don't apply in the Fields!)
  • Existing bonuses are whatever recompilation you've already done. Since you can't undo recompilation, you'll want to make sure you're making the best use of what you've got.
  • Mission stats are the stats of whatever virus you're trying to beat. The default 35d40s is the stats of the Alpha/Beta/Theta Discord.
  • Goal is the probability of passing the check that you're aiming for.
  • The Target column is your final recompilation bonus, the number in parentheses you should have when you're done.
  • The success chance in the bottom row is your actual chance of passing the check after recompilation. Note that since you can only buy stats in whole number increments, the actual probability isn't likely to be exactly what you entered in the Goal field. (It should be pretty close, though.)
  • Cost is the amount of Core you'll need to recompile from whatever you've already got to the numbers in the Target column.
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