Science! Facility
Perform mad experiments to enhance your village!





Build fantastical machines, and unleash them onto the world!

Your village may do one Science! Action per day - Tinker, or Unleash.

Tinker: Improve the reliability and usefulness of a machine. This increases the chance of the machine's most basic function by 5 percent. Other advanced features are unlocked by Tinkering, and their Reliability is based on the first function's. Other machines will unlock as you increase this value as well. Once you tinker the third ability of a machine to a positive percentage, the next machine becomes available.
Unleash: Wind it up, set it on fire, and let it rip - this turns on your machine. Your machine has a percentage chance to achieve each of its functions, and you will be notified at Dayroll on which of the functions worked, and which didn't. Afterwards, your machine's basic reliability will decrease by five percent.

You start with one machine - the Geothermal Acclimator. Others will follow.

You have a Lab, so your first Tinker does not count as your daily Science! action!

Unleash Menu

Geothermal Acclimator
Plumbing the secrets of the foundation of the world
Cost to Tinker/Unleash: 25000 Ryo
Detection Anthromorphizer
(Max 75% Chance)
Double Collection bonus when finding Resources
Elemental Dualization
(Max 50% Chance)
Double amounts of any Resources at next collection
Lunar Overclocking
(Max 20% Chance)
Rare ingredients found in the forest1 2
Alchemical Overthruster
Turning lead into gold was just the beginning
Cost to Tinker/Unleash: 50000 Ryo
Actuarial Amplifier
(Max 75% Chance)
+20% Ryo on Regular Missions for characters in-Village at activation
Karmic Enhancer
(Max 50% Chance)
+50 Stamina for everyone in the Village
Perpetual Motion Machine
(Max 20% Chance)
Upkeep is 0% for Mission Taxes the next night
Atmospheric Oscillator
Control the very air you breathe
Cost to Tinker/Unleash: 100000 Ryo
Driving Rain
(Max 75% Chance)
-3 Difficulty in Monster Fights
Maelstrom Stabilizer
(Max 50% Chance)
+50 Stamina Cost for Attacking your Village
Mirror Fog
(Max 20% Chance)
Resources taken from your village today are not lost
Multi-Dimensional Tuner
Attune your Village to The Fields
Cost to Tinker/Unleash: 800000 Ryo
Field Attunement
(Max 75% Chance)
3 Less Stamina per Field Action
Core Fountain
(Max 50% Chance)
+50% Core Bonus in The Fields
Multi-Threaded Paths
(Max 20% Chance)
2 Less Stamina per Field Action, +100% Phase Damage
Seismologic Beatmixer
Focus the power of your Village against the WorldKaiju
Cost to Tinker/Unleash: 2000000 Ryo
Emotional Coalescence
(Max 75% Chance)
+20% Damage to WorldKaiju
Mathematical Kaijutometer
(Max 50% Chance)
+5 Levels against WorldKai when performing 100 Swing
Symphonic Worldcracker
(Max 20% Chance)
Crippled WorldKai that fall the same Dayroll this power activates give +2 Emblems in each Rank to Villagers
Pan-Universal Jumpulator
Adds zaniness to the local surroundings
Cost to Tinker/Unleash: 7000000 Ryo
Sakura Petalstorm
(Max 75% Chance)
+4 Juice Limit
Spontaneous Eating Contest
(Max 50% Chance)
Eating Ramen gives +20 Appetite
(Max 20% Chance)
Makes today Candyween
Kaijuchainer 110003
Get more out of Kaiju Enticements
Cost to Tinker/Unleash: 1000000 Ryo
Lafulon Particles
(Max 75% Chance)
Kaiju Enticed on day of activation get +50% HP
Scarlet Magewaves
(Max 50% Chance)
Kaiju Enticed on day of activation get +150% HP and leader gets +1 Drop upon their defeat
Isotope Epic-152
(Max 20% Chance)
Kaiju Enticed on day of activation get +100% HP and all those who receive Drops from that Kaiju upon defeat get +1 Drop


  • Having Lab Coat will give you +5% Science activation chance.
  • Having the Awesome Ability Unparalleled Intelligence will give up to -15%/+15% Base Science! Cost/Chance.


  • The effects of the Kaijuchainer 11000 reference two villages, The Epic and ScarletP, which, before Enticement was limited to once per day, managed to summon and defeat over 100 Kaiju in a single day.
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