Sabotage Facility


  • 100,000 Ryo
  • 3 of your own basic resource
  • 1 of your own advanced resource
  • Village Size Needed to Maintain: 15
  • 40 Upgrades Needed to Buy.
  • Requires: Natural Research Facility


  • Leaders may Damage and Destroy Upgrades in other Villages during Invasions
  • Leader and Vices have the choice of Destroying SaboFac if Peacetime is 10+
  • SaboFac villages can soft bingo a non SaboFac village, but cannot Hard bingo them.
  • Non-SaboFac villages cannot bingo members of SaboFac villages at all.
  • May declare All-Out War(AOW) against a village(With SaboFac) for 14 days.


BASE: 20k to 40k damage base. This is the 'base' that all % multipliers work on.
BASE BONUS: All the All-out War stuff goes here.

MULTIVILLAGE: + 20k for each other village that sabotaged you that day
MULTIVILLAGE BONUS: if 5+ Villages hit today (counts the current attack), double the MultiVillage.
MULTIVILLAGE BONUS: if 10+ Villages hit today (counts the current attack), double the MultiVillage. (x4)

So, let's say you aren't in All-out War, but you are in a Sabotage village. You are the 10th swing on FailBoat Village (apologies if there actually is one).

You do 20k to 40k, plus (20K*10*4). so that tenth swing does 820,000 to 840,000 damage.

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