Ninja Cooking School
Swipe some eats at the Ramen Shop!
Current JXP: X
(once per day, costs Jutsu XP)
Purchase Ramen

Purchase Special Ramen from your Ramen Shop


Bonus Provided

  • Purchase Special Ramen from your Ramen Shop

Ramen Shop

For Sale Price Effect
Chicken Ramen 15,000 JXP +500 Chakra
Diet Ramen 15,000 JXP +40 Appetite
Red Fox Ramen 60,000 JXP +3 Levels on Missions today
Beef Ramen 90,000 JXP +30 Stamina
Ichi Special 100,000 JXP +100% chance to find Ninja / Items today
Teriyaki Ramen 400,000 JXP +100 Stamina
The Gladiator 1,000,000 JXP +10 Arena Entries
Greassy Ramen 3,000,000 JXP +200% Dou AP / -80% Ranking XP


Bonus Type Effect
Big Bo Lvl 2 Team +10 Appetite on Ramen Use
Sue Lvl. 2 Team 11% chance for Ramen Pull not to count towards daily max!
Quality Cookware Permanent Item May eat a second Ramen at 10x cost
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