Jutsu Enhancement Tower

Enhance your Jutsus to cost less Chakra


  • 300,000 Ryo
  • 6 of your own basic resource
  • 1 other resource
  • 1 of your own advanced resource
  • Village Size Needed to Maintain: 24
  • 40 Upgrades Needed to Buy.
  • Requires: Natural Research Facility


  • Enhance your Jutsus to cost less Chakra


  • One enhancement reduces the actual Chakra Cost of that Jutsu by 10%
  • Max enhancement is 50% of Base Chakra cost, by 7 enhancements
  • Does not work on Wasteland Jutsu
  • The enhance cost is the same as Base Jutsu Exp cost
  • Ancient Tomes reduces the enhance cost
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