'Juice' Bar

You sidle up to the bar as a bounty hunter downs a glowing, whirling drink. "Yeah, the whole place is dubbed, so they sell 'juice' here. It gets the job done, though. Here, take a drink list.."


  • 500,000 Village Ryo
  • 50 Primary standard recources
  • 1 Primary advanced resource
  • Village Size Needed to Maintain: 15
  • 20 Upgrades Needed to Buy.
  • Party House Required


Allows purchase of 'juice', which provide stackable bonuses.
Drink Price Effect
Bruce Special 1000 Ryo +5 Stamina
Terri Twist 1500 Ryo +5% Kaiju Damage (12 max per day)
Rack on the Rocks 5000 Ryo +5% Friend / Storm Points
Wallflower Special 5000 Ryo 4 of these gets you +1 Ingredients per Collect
Chaser 5000 Ryo +10% Ally Drop Chance
The Fullmetal 3000 Ryo +5% Ally Level-Up Chance
Aperitif 3000 Ryo +5 Appetite
Doughman Daiquiri 4000 Ryo +1 Arena Fight
Drain & Tonic 9000 Ryo +1/2 Drain Levels
R00t Beer 5000 Ryo +3 Field Actions
ZombAway 2000 Ryo +10 Stamina-less Z-Map moves
KaijuBomb 6000 Ryo +5% WorldKai Damage
Rum ??? Ryo Where has the rum gone?

Drinking 11 different types of 'Juice' in one day will give the player a random amount of Juiceglasses. If you have Syntherum the rum entry changes to, "Wait. What?"

You've sampled 11 drinks in one day!
You must be a regular!
You got X1 Juiceglasses!


Using too many juices in one day, will create a "hangover", or downtime, on the next dayroll. Downtimes are negative bonuses that start accumulating when you go over your listed tolerance, and only last one day.
Juice Number after Tolerance Hangover Name Effect
1+ Juice Hangover -5 stamina (for each drink)
4 Juice Minor Hangover -3 levels on regular missions
8 Juice Major Hangover -2 strength on regular missions

So if your Tolerance is 2 and you drink 10 juices, your next day's hangover will be: -40 stamina, -3 levels, -2 strength on regular missions

Other Bonuses which affects 'Juice'

Name Type Bonus
Base Limit Base 12 Max 'Juice' per day
Rank Base +1 Tolerance per Rank
Season Base +1 Tolerance per Season
Drunken Fist Battle Theme +2 Tolerance, Juice gives Level bonuses on Missions
Mafuru Bonus Bonuses Juice Limit +2 (20/10 - Max!)2
Billy Club Membership +2 Juice Limit3
Any Party House Discounts Misc. Lower cost
The Daily Fail Misc. 1 Free Juice
Juiceglass One-Use Item Plus or minus Juice Limit, once a day max
Adonis DNA Permanent Item +2 Max Juice per day
Crystal Tumblers Permanent Item +2 Max Juice per day
Free Samples Village Upgrade 10% Juice Discount
Juice Distributor Village Upgrade First Juice per day is free
Pan-Universal Jumpulator Science! Village Upgrade +4 Juice Limit


Once your village has Magic Guild, you have the option to forfeit all your Juice limit for the day in exchange for Shenanigans Strength, which you can use to attempt to get more Stamina. (Even if you subsequently add more Juice limit before dayroll, it will immediately have been used up, but you don't get any further Shenanigans Strength.)

Oh man, that Magic Guild is up to shenanigans again..
Get into Shenanigans with the Guild! If you want to spend your entire Limit for the day, you can join in. They get worse and worse as they go, using up your Limit, and there's no stopping them! You can leave the party hyped up (bonus Stamina)! Push it for even more rewards! Beware, though, if things get out of hand, you get nothing!
Current Shenanigans Strength: XX (based on Limit Left)

You will then get a random number (1-10, if 10 then reroll and add 10, if the reroll is also 10 then reroll again and add 10 more, et cetera) for each Shenanigans Strength you use, which adds to your Shenanigans Level. The idea is to get your level as close to 100 without going over as possible. (It is technically possible to get over 100 in a single roll. It is so unlikely that it is expected to happen much less than once in a century, assuming the average number of players using Shenanigans per day remains the same and Shenanigans is not revised in all that time.)

Level Range Description Bonus Total Stamina for ending at this level
0 Nothing going on! Boo.. 0
1-25 A winged cat offers you some of their food, and you are so distracted that you accept without looking: ugh.. Level
26-50 A muscle-bound, silver-haired guy gives you a "playful" headlock, and you nearly pass out.. Level
51-65 The master of all the misfits in the bar is chewing them out… and you get caught right in the middle! Level
66-80 Brawling in the bar is one thing, but bringing a giant robot to the fight is taking things too far.. PARTY HARD BONUS: x2! Level * 2
81-90 Now they are using their magic on each other - not much to choose from between frying and freezing.. PARTY HARD BONUS: x2! Level * 2
91-94 You don't remember that red-haired girl's armor having so many pointy bits on it a second ago.. PARTY HARDER BONUS: x3! Level * 3
95-96 One guy's arms are on fire, so you helpfully put them out with a bucket of water. Everyone backs away from you.. PARTY HARDER BONUS: x3! Level * 3
97 You take the keys away from a girl that is partying too hard, and she glares at you. Don't drink and drive! PARTY HARDERER BONUS!! 450
98 Oh man, these pickled plums are amazing! You offer one to a short blue-haired girl.. PARTY HARDERERER BONUS!! 500
99 Whirling about, you fall down, on to a pillow with an X and a Heart on it. So comfy! PARTY HARDEST BONUS! 600
100 You realize everyone is staring at you. You point behind them, and they all turn and look. What a perfect time to skedaddle! PARTY HARDEREST BONUS! 1111
101+ Oh, man, maybe you partied a little too hard. You smile, trying to wave it off, but glowering, everyone advances on you.. 0

If you select Bail before hitting 101 or higher:

Shenanigans Time
You get while the getting is good! What an awesome party!
Stamina Get! XXX Stamina!


  • Prices above are without any village upgrades affecting them, prices may be lowered due to upgrades.
  • Rank, Season, and Themes give you extra Tolerance, which helps out with that Downtime.
  • Don't use 'Juices' for areas you don't have access to, as that will just waste your Ryo (and Limit/Tolerance for the day).
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