Invasion Defense

+20 Difficulty against attacks from one named Village at a time.


  • 100,000 Ryo
  • 1 Brilliant Crystal
  • 1 Medicinal Water
  • 1 Precious Metal
  • 2 Additional Primary Resources
  • Village Size Needed to Maintain: 12
  • 10 Upgrades Needed to Buy.


  • If there's one Village that's absolutely pounding your Village, this upgrade can help stop that. Just name that Village as the defense target, and there will be an increase in difficulty by 20 for them to attack your Village, a very viable deterrent in most cases. However, this can only be done against one Village at a time.
  • The invasion defense can be pointed towards non-existent villages. The system will not alert you when you enter the name of a village that does not exist.
  • Invasion Defense now takes 6 hours to go into effect to prevent villages from switching their invasion defense to villages about to attack them for the whole day.
  • You cannot attack a village you are defending from
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