Claw Machines

Claw Machines in the Party House (Party House Required)



Game Rules

  • The game have four different slots of prizes:
    • Easy (1:4)
    • Medium (1:12)
    • Hard (1:45)
    • Super Hard
      • A (1:100)
      • B (1:200-1000) - set by the Village Leader
  • All normal prizes, difficulties and costs are set by your Village Leader
  • Prizes set by the Village Leader can be any tradable item
  • There are also special prizes which can be obtained under certain circumstances
  • You may only win the prizes which are shown, but you may Kick the Machines! (-2 Stamina) to change the prizes
  • There is a limited amount of times a day you can try for a special prize:

Wow, the prizes are starting to really settle, you don't think you are going to knock anything special out today..

Special Prices

  • By winning a Super Hard you get Kona-chan in addition to your other prize:
You bump another prize into the chute! Upon inspection, it's an… otaku fangirl? "E-he, I was practicing in there." (Practicing WHAT?)

You got Kona-chan!

  • You also get Kona-chan by losing 20000 Ryo at one game
You RAGE at spending so much on the Crane and losing, when behind you, a mocking laugh echoes! "E-he, you suck." (HEY.)

You got Kona-chan!

  • You can win the Pinchy Claw if you play on any difficulty when the cost is set to 9001 Ryo or above.
The claw game breaks with all the money you stuffed into it (over NINE THOUSAND, omg), and the claw drops through the hole! (They fix the game right away)

You got Pinchy Claw!


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