Bankium Collector

Allows the creation and use of Bankium


  • 250,000 Ryo
  • 5 Primary Resources1
  • 1 of your own advanced resource
  • Upgrades Required: 20
  • Village Size to maintain: 15


  • Allows the creation and use of Bankium


  • Bankium is a super-heavy block of Ryo that is keyed to a specific Village - once made, it cannot be stolen or removed from that Village
  • Bankium Bars cost 250,000 Village Ryo to make, and yield 200,000 Village Ryo when broken
  • Bankium Energy can only be stabilized when there is a lot of raw Bankium (Village Ryo) around.
  • Bankium Actions can only be performed if your Village will have at least 250,000 Village Ryo available after the Action
  • You may only buy "new" upgrades while you have Bankium saved up, so be warned.
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