Ultimate Survivor
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Ultimate Survivor Trophy!
20 Points

How to Unlock

Points Awarded

  • 20


  • ???


  • The intended way to get this is to work in teams: one ninja tries a set of settings, notes the results, another ninja tries the same set of settings with two or three numbers different (assuming each setting is different - is this known?), notes the results, and so on. Eventually the team discovers a pair of settings that affect one of the five areas and what those settings should be, then repeats the procedure for the other four areas. Someone eventually gets the right combination - and since these tests are usually run with at least 1,000 balls each to get useful data, whoever's testing the right combination will almost certainly get this trophy, assuming they were testing with electrum balls. (If they weren't - the first 100 electrum balls bought a day do not cost much stamina, if they didn't already have some.)
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