Trophy.jpg You've unlocked the
Summertime Trophy!
10 Points

How to Unlock

  • Get Five Bright in Flower Wars
  • Just collect Jan B, Mar B, Aug B, Nov B, and Dec B in one hand. If you play enough Flower Wars, this will probably happen eventually.

Points Awarded

  • 10 Awesome


  • This works whether or not you bank. You just have all five Brights at the end of a hand. In other words, if you Koi Koi and the computer banks, you still get the trophy. (Of course, if you bank the Five Bright, you not only get the trophy, you also score at least 20 points in that round.)
  • Remember that not all cards are in play in any one hand. Assuming all possible draws are made (that is, if the maximum possible number of turns are taken), there are 8 cards in your hand, 8 cards in the opponent's hand, 8 cards on the table to start with, and 16 cards will be drawn. 8+8+8+16=40, but there are 48 cards; if you have 4 Brights and have not seen the fifth yet, it is possible that the fifth will be one of those leftover 8. Just concentrate on winning, and let this trophy happen eventually.
  • You can somewhat boost your chances by playing Easy, where the AI has a 70% chance of basically ignoring a Bright on the field even if it has a card that matches.
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