One Twenty One
Trophy.jpg You've unlocked the
One Twenty One Trophy!
20 Points

How to Unlock

  • Level A Leven to 11
  • This requires you to go through most of the Mission Lady content:
    • First you must complete April Fool,
    • then do Mission Lady Day missions using Unforeseen Consequences to get Mission Lady points,
    • then buy items with those points,
    • then beat Wota bosses to get shields on those items,
    • then go on Wota adventures to get powers on your items,
    • then once you have all the powers on an item, defeating further challenges in an adventure with that item gets you a chance to have the next item you buy be an A Leven,
    • and once you finally have an A Leven, just level it up to 11.

Points Awarded

  • 20


  • 121 = 11 ("A Leven") * 11 (level)


  • This trophy is 'secret' in that it doesn't appear on the Trophy page until you actually win it.
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