Low Roller
Trophy.jpg You've unlocked the
Low Roller Trophy!
1 Points

How to Unlock

  • Get 6+ Pachinko Comps in one turn-in
  • There are only 6 Pachinko comps available, 2 from electrum, 2 from bronze, 1 from silver, and 1 from gold.

Points Awarded

  • 1 Awesome


  • The minimum 200 Electrum, 200 Bronze, 100 Silver, and 100 Gold at once. However, since you are not guaranteed to get a comp you should use more, a recommended setup is 300, 400, 200, 200. (remember that you cannot turn in more than 1100 a day, if you try it will omit them starting from the gold and going down, meaning you will not get comps)
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