Trophy.jpg You've unlocked the
KTHXBAIman Trophy!
1 Points

How to Unlock

  • Bust out a Mahjong opponent with a Baiman

Points Awarded

  • 1 Awesome


  • Baiman is when you have 8-10 Han (victory points) in mahjong, Sanbaiman also counts, so in effect to win this trophy you need 8-12 Han (13 is too much as it gives you yakuman instead and doesn't count)
  • Cheating is allowed for this trophy, this makes the easiest way to get it using goumpei to turn a tile into a white dragon and dora bomb to swap with the uradora. By inserting a red dragon into the uradora you make every single white dragon worth 1 point. 7 white dragons means +7 points. Remember that you have to be in reach for this to count, and if you go over 13 points you will yakuman instead and not get this trophy. On the other hand too few points and you will not bust out the opponent.
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