Hard of Hearing
Trophy.jpg You've unlocked the
Hard of Hearing Trophy!
10 Points

How to Unlock

  • Win a Mahjong Hand with a Head Bump

Points Awarded

  • 10


  • The name of this trophy comes from a scene in episode 25 of Mahjong Legend Akagi, where Akagi asks "Are you deaf, Washizu Iwao?" because Washizu went so crazy after apparently winning he didn't hear Yasuoka declare a head bump.


  • going by the BVS Mahjong FAQ:

RON - "The discarded tile completes my hand, and I win". Any player can call this. You say this, show your hand, and do a little dance if you wish. Note that if multiple people call Ron, and you are playing with the Head Bump rule (which BvS uses), the player who would have taken their next turn first wins. So, if South discards, and East and North can both win, North actually wins.

So if 2 players are able to call Ron on the same tile, the person first after the player who played the tile, will win.

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