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Gone Trophy!
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How to Unlock

  • The official hint is "Finish a Crazy Hard ride within 60 seconds", however this is practically impossible: you need to be at speed 13+ the entire race, never get the "speed 3 or slower" event (a 0.51% chance to occur), and then beat all 9 challenges you do get on the first attempt which is extremely implausible with the current cap on stats.
  • Effectively the only actual way to get it is through the special delivery Face To Face 2 which counts for this trophy. If you were already max season you will have to loop again to acquire this Trophy.
  • Note: The number of seconds means the value of the Timer next to the Distance to Destination, not the real world time

Points Awarded

  • 1 Awesome


  • Gone appears to be based on the title of two films Gone in Sixty Seconds and Gone in 60 Seconds, the time it takes to steal a car
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