Trophy.jpg You've unlocked the
Feud-Starter Trophy!
20 Points

How to Unlock

  • Bingo 30 Ninjas in one day

Points Awarded

  • 20 Awesome


  • ???


  • It is recommended to use the Ally "The Twins" for the -8 difficulty for tracking. Combined with having a good amount of spare notepages (50 should be plenty) and being season 3 with enough tsukiball tickets to unbingo 10 times or so. For every target village make sure you check the lifelines first, and use a piece of paper or a notepad file to keep track of who you bingoed, who was protected against notepage, and whose lifelines make them an invalid target. It is also highly advised to have the tote so that bingoing will only cost you 20 stamina per success. (and 50 per failure)
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