Call it a Comeback
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  • If you have not gotten this trophy by the time you beat Dark Friday and Ladies Evil, here is one strategy to get it. Be warned, this may take a bit of time.
    • Turn off both of your "+1 HP per turn vs. Titans" boosts.
    • Do easy shifts (it is confirmed that this works with Late Night) until you get The Corpses. The corpses never damages the store nor moves, they just throw weak ranged attacks at you making them perfect for this trophy. (This may be the longest step, if it takes more than one day to turn up this particular Titan. If you draw a different Titan, you can try this strategy - at worst, you'll lose to that Titan and have to do more shifts - but be warned that some Titans, such as Kimmy, never attack your HP therefore it is impossible to get this trophy while fighting them.)
    • Once you are fighting The Corpses, Move Right until you are 1 spot left from The Corpses, Attack until the Titan just under 100% efficiency, then Move Left & Move Right to dance between 1 and 2 away until the Titan has whittled you down to under 40 HP.
    • At that point attack it until its efficiency is low enough for this to be done safely. It must be higher than 0 or it won't attack you, the lower it is the longer this battle will take but the safer you are. A good middle ground is 20 or 30 efficiency meaning there is only 20% or 30% of it successfully performing an action (eg attacking you). This is a fairly safe option (because only 3/4 of its actions are attacks and you also have a dodge chance when it attacks), giving you a nice buffer between the time you reach 10HP (giving you only 10% chance to perform an action) so that it doesn't kill you.
    • As soon as your HP is at 10 or less leap right to reach it. once you are at the same spot as it you won.
    • The Corpses does not move, grab, use short range attacks, attack the store, or recover, so if you get this far you have all the time in the world (or at least until dayroll) to Attack down to 0% efficiency, Strafe, then Attack with LEAP to finish the Titan off. Which is good, because since you have less than 10 HP, you will lose many turns to your injuries. Prepare for a drawn-out fight - but know that you will eventually win if you do not give up.
    • You may be tempted, but do not use Five Minutes To Go: you need to still have less than 10 HP when the fight ends.
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