This is the Trophy Room - where achievements you've accomplished are displayed. Achievements are checked and unlocked at Dayroll, and getting enough Trophies will also grant you points of Awesome, the ultimate currency in Billy Vs. SNAKEMAN.
Current Trophy Count: XX
Awesome Awarded: XX

Name How to Unlock
The Shadow Mark Receive The Mark of the RNG

As of 6/3/2017, current publicly known trophies add up to 1426 Awesome (1446 for rankings, where the -10 counts as +10). You get up to 15 further Awesome from having certain numbers of The Eleven from BillyTV, distinct from and in addition to Top Billing and EGOT. Framed Certificate can contribute 11 more Awesome for ranking only. This brings the maximum known possible Awesome to 1441 (1472 for rankings, which matches the current top ranked players).

If you have at least one 1-point trophy, and have not yet done Snooty, the following will show:

There's a snooty art gallery in the distance..
You wonder what you have to do to get in?
The snooty doorman sniffs at you, and quirks an eyebrow..
Check your Quests Menu!

If you have done Snooty, you will see:

The doorman at a nearby snooty art gallery sniffs at you.
Enter Art Gallery >

Entering the gallery will show you a picture obscured by up to 35 blocks. Each of these represents a 1-point trophy, and will go away once you have claimed that trophy. Blocks next to trophies you have collected will be in light blue, and mousing over them will give you a hint as to what you must do to unlock that block. Blocks further away will be in dark blue, and state you need to get an adjacent Trophy. (It is unknown if you can unlock Snooty if you have only gotten 1-point trophies from the second gallery's set.)

Once you have at least 25, you will once again be prompted to check your Quests Menu, where Snootier has been unlocked. Complete that, and you will have access to a second picture with 35 more panels. You will also get a T-Hammer, which will let you unlock one panel without getting the trophy. (You can still get the trophy, and its Awesome, if you do this; this just counts the trophy toward Art Gallery completion.) There are trophies for completing the first and second galleries: once all 35 panels are uncovered, look at the picture again, then go back to the Main page and re-enter the Trophies page.

Awesome Abilities

Awesome Abilities:
Choose your Awesome Abilities here!
You must buy each level for full price in order, and Levels do not stack - so, if you buy Level 1 Unflagging Endurance (+20 Stamina per day), then Level 2 (+50 Stamina per day), that will cost you 10 points, then 30 more points, and you will receive 50 Stamina per day total.
(NOTE: It costs a LOT to restat. Choose your abilities carefully)
Awesome Remaining: XX

Name Bonuses Total Awesome
Thorough Collection +1/2/3 Ingredients when Collecting 90
Unflagging Endurance +20/50/90 Stamina per Day 80
Unbelievable Aptitude +10/20/40% AP/JXP Bonus on Missions 110
Shattered Limits +1/2/4 to All Ranges 120
Overdrive +1/3/5 to All Levels 140
Bottomless Appetite +20/50/90 Appetite 150
Breathtaking Popularity -5/10/15% Party House Discount 150
Limitless Focus +1/3/3 MPH per Mission, Double Storm Favors1 180
Specific Area Abilities
Burning Redness -10/20/25% Robo Fighto Costs, +1 Max Attempts1 150
Dedicated Fan -1/2/3 for Mission Lady Scuffle Refresh, 11 ML Discount on pulls1 210
Dramatic Battler +1/2/3 Max Glowslinging Duels per Day, +20% Talent 1 190
Initial Drifter +2/4/6 Max Rides per day, Double chance of Tip Coins1 170
Intent Observation +10/20/30% Panel XP, +1 Strength/Range in Panels1 190
Natural Magnum +20/40/40% ZP earned, bonus Z-Reward1 170
Perfect Rhythm +25/50/80% WorldKaiju Damage, +1 Emblem per Rank1 190
Unsalted Competitor +1/1/3 Skirmishes and +0/1/3 Tier 1 Tickets per day 190
Wasteless Draws +1/2/3 Free Mahjong or Hanafuda Games per Day, +20% MJXP1 190
Village Abilities
Overwhelming Efficiency -1/3/5% Upkeep 80
Unparalleled Intelligence -5/10/15% / +5/10/15% Base Science! Cost/Chance 110
Shady Dealings -5/10/15% Base Upgrade Cost, -1 Each Resource Cost1 120
Bloodline Jutsu
Past Connection Flying Thunder God Technique Jutsu + Legacy Mahjong Bloodline Ability 100
Eighth Trigram Advanced WhiteEye Jutsu + WhiteEye Mahjong Bloodline Ability 120
Inherent Perception Advanced RedEye Jutsu + RedEye Mahjong Bloodline Ability 140

Reset Awesome
Reset your Awesome Abilities and re-spend your points
(1M Ryo + 20M per use. Count goes down 1/Loop and 1/new Awesome release).


  • Your awesome level is the primary determiner of your Player Ranking.
    • The trophy The Shadow Mark gives +10 awesome in regards to ranking, rather than -10. The end result is 20 more awesome for ranking than actual awesome.
    • Player Ranking is determined by the total amount of awesome you have at the start of the previous day. It may take up to two days for ranking to change.
  • Some trophies are hidden, and aren't displayed in the Trophy Room until unlocked.


  • If you had some of these before the system came into place but do not have them don't BR it, you will get them when you loop.
  • Some of the 1-point trophies do not immediately appear and require you to either wait for dayroll or to return to a particular page (often the trophy page) before you achieve them.


1. Awesome Level 3 Only

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