What are "Themes?"

Themes become available after you loop for the first time. Sometimes they are referred to as "songs." Themes are utilized to provide additional bonuses to your character that were not available in season 1. Each character can have up to three themes active at any given time. You may have one Opening Theme, one Battle Theme and one Ending Theme. The following themes are available:

Name Bonus How to Obtain
Ascension If you are Village Leader, you cannot Attack or Spy, and Ninjas attempting to attack your Village automatically fail unless you are Bingo'd and that Ninja Bingo'd you in the past hour Loop after finishing the mission Tsukuyomi Ascendant
Floating on Air Hang Out with all current Team members, but all Ryo and Market Ryo is lost and Ally Friend Points are set to 1 Complete the quest The Freshest Move I've Ever Seen
Hey, Hey, We're the Ninja! +20 Stamina Automatically given in a new season.
Killer Montage +50 Stamina Finish Season 2+ as a Jonin or higher.
Reach for the Sky +2 Range on Regular Missions Finish Season 3.
Redheaded Ninja Girl Find RNG-related Special Items in regular missions Complete the quest R:NG
Say My Name 50% chance to recover Note Pages used in Bingos Loop with Right Lvl. 2.
The Flash Find Legacy-related Special Items in regular missions Loop as a Sannin with Legacy
You See Right Through Me Find WhiteEye-related Special Items in regular missions Loop as a Sannin with WhiteEye
You Spin Me Right 'Round Find RedEye-related Special Items in regular missions Loop as a Sannin with RedEye
What The Crap -50 Stamina Filler Theme - if set with two other Filler Themes, unlock all month-locked content Complete the quest Filler Episode
The Wind R00t Theme - if set with two other R00t Themes, bypasses Ascension Drain The Eleven-Tailed Fox

Theme Notes

Many Themes are acquired the next time you loop after meeting their prerequisites. The exceptions are:

Difficulty (A.K.A. The Crank)

See own section for more information: The Crank

The Crank
You walk up to The Crank, the secret dial that controls the difficulty of life. The eerie architecture that houses it looms over the landscape, glowing darkly, clack-clack-clacking as the 11DBHK spins The Grand Crank to and fro, cackling. "Lucky Sevens on the first try for you…… *CLACK CLACK CLACK* and all ones on that Spy Attempt for YOU!" You take time to pore over the walls of the ebony masoleum, looking for the dial that controls your own destiny..

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