The Road to Womanhood

Theme Type

  • Battle

Bonus Provided

  • Girl Power Team Bonus is +2 Strength, +2 Range

How is it Obtained?


  • ???


This is a very powerful theme, as it vastly improves the already-versatile Girl Power team. For instance, one could use Annie, Rover's Mom, and Terri Lvl. 2 in conjunction with this theme to get the following bonuses:

  • +3 Range
  • +1 Nin Range
  • +2 Tai Range
  • +2 Strength
  • +2 Tai Strength
  • +2 Tai Successes
  • +30% ranking XP (when using Annie Lvl. 2)

This particular team is arguably just as good as other high-end teams (such as Never Say Yaoi Bonus!, Crazy Love Triangle, and Ro-Sham-Bo Redux Bonus!), and is available far more quickly and easily.

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