Floating On Air

Theme Type

  • Opening

Floating on Air: You dance with your team. Your fame causes everyone to desert you, and your moneybag to empty, but you are a legend. Hanging out with: (hangout allies)

Bonus Provided

  • Hang Out with all current Team members, but all Ally Friend Points1 are set to 1.

How is it Obtained?


  • That being said, there are some obvious (and some not-so-obvious) applications of this theme. You can use this theme to Hang Out with up to three of your allies as long as you're patient enough to hang out with them the day after, which will lower their jutsu's XP costs and allow you to use those allies' jutsu for half chakra. You can also use it to do the Outwitting the Best and Robogirl's Secret missions.
  • This theme, unlike the others, is an auto-get theme: you don't need to wait until you loop to get it. It is one of two themes that Season 1 players can get.
  • If you use this theme, you can't hang out with other allies via friend points, because you lose all of them.
  • Generally abbreviated as: FoA, F.O.A.
  • By now there are many other ways (MOME, the Walrus from Tsukiball that even has interface support, Mysterious Power bloodline) to get hangouts on demand; the most common use of this theme is in fact usually to ensure that you don't hang out with people you don't want to, which is required for many quests
  • In particular, if you use this theme with an empty team, you guarantee that you'll have no Hang Outs the next day at all.


  • This mission is surely based on Utah Saints These exact words are said in the videoclip "'It was the freshest move I've ever seen, like he was floating on air…'"
  • The Theme used to take Ally Friend Points AND Ryo.
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