The Daily Fail

None of the news that's fit to print

The Daily Fail is a mock-tabloid that is randomly generated on dayroll with different sketches, headlines, and layouts. There are also daily bonuses for checking it out.

Bonuses Given:

  • 4 Random bonuses or penalties to BillyTV autographs.

Today's Special Offer:

Valid until Dayroll — Non-transferrable — One use only


  • The autograph bonuses and penalties appears to be the same for everyone.
  • Bonuses and penalties to a specific autograph will not show up on the autographs page in BillyTV, but rather it will show up in the appropriate location (ex: Shop for MC Stripeypants)
  • The special offer coupon appears to be random for each person.
  • Currently the 1 free juice and pigeons ticket coupon is wasted if used to buy the in bulk. Make sure to buy a single juice or ticket separately first and then buy in bulk. The juice coupon however, does seem to stack with the Juice Distributor effect.
  • The Eleventy Billion Ryo coupon is a joke, haha.
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