The Crank

What is "Difficulty"?

Difficulty is given to you after you loop for the first time or upon gaining Survived the Impossible, or upon gaining Training Montage. Difficulty aka "The Crank" is a way to adjust the Difficulty and Successes you need to complete missions. Depending on your season level, the difficulty may change as you go in further and therefore "The Crank" is given to you in order change the difficulty level of your missions.

To activate The Crank you must go into the Themes / Difficulty menu.

The Crank
You walk up to The Crank, the secret dial that controls the difficulty of life. The eerie architecture that houses it looms over the landscape, glowing darkly, clack-clack-clacking as the 11DBHK spins The Grand Crank to and fro, cackling. "Lucky Sevens on the first try for you…… *CLACK CLACK CLACK* and all ones on that Spy Attempt for YOU!" You take time to pore over the walls of the ebony masoleum, looking for the dial that controls your own destiny..

Choose your Difficulty!
The Crank changes the difficulty of the Regular and Limited Missions you undertake. each extra point of Crank adds +1 Difficulty and +1 Success to the requirements of all of your missions. It also gives you +5% Ryo per level, and certain items, ninja, and level-ups only appear if you are set at or above that bonus' difficulty.

You can turn The Crank to any number you are allowed to, but only once per day, and it will cost you 30 Stamina to turn it. You can raise the difficulty of missions a maximum of 2 per Season you've completed. You cannot turn The Crank while on a Mission, and turning it will wipe your Sight Beyond Sight, should you have that ability. (Current Stamina: X)

Crank Requirements

Name Type Crank Required
Find Errant Bit on Syntax Error Item Crank 1+
Find Dance Floor on Mind The Gap Key Crank 2+
Find Delicious on Eat The Tasty Key Crank 2+
Find Chosen on Flaw in the World (Nin) Key Crank 2+
Find Filthy on Flaw in the World (Tai Nin) Key Crank 2+
Find Hopeless on Flaw in the World (Gen) Key Crank 2+
Find Noodle Shop on Flaw in the World (Gen Tai) Key Crank 2+
Fully Cranked Trophy Crank 1111


  • Survived the Impossible increases your maximum Crank by 1 (or enables Crank 1 if S1)
  • Training Montage increases your maximum Crank by 2 (or enables Crank 1 and 2 if S1)
  • Crank does affect the AP, Jutsu XP, and Daily Ranking of regular missions (+80 per level).
  • Crank does not affect Friend Points.
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