Teams are formed by selecting allies that your character wishes to go on missions with. While joining with allies normally give you a bonus, certain combinations of allies will give you an additional team bonus. To receive the team bonus, you must have these exact combinations. You cannot have more members than listed or less listed. A disabled ally still counts as part of your team.

There is no stamina cost to change your team; instead you get a limited amount of team changes a day. Your rank gives you a base amount of changes and you receive an additional additional team change for each season that you have completed. As an alternative to the season based restriction, Lisa Lisa's justu Turn the Page may also be used an unlimited number of times, at a cost of 1 Note Page per team change. Note that there is a +8 bonus for being a new Genin.

One additional note, allies are not removed automatically when taken to an area in which they do not function; instead, an ally is disabled, having no effect upon bonuses or penalties, and no longer producing any ally drops. However, inactivated allies do continue to gather friendship points, though any that would normally produce a bonus, such as Tic Tac or J-Diddy, no longer provide the additional bonus above that of the baseline created by the mission, your items, and any additional external factor such as juice.

General Teams

Name 1. Member Bonus Provided
Demon Inside Billy Lvl. 3 +2 Strength, +2 Range!
Noob Slayer Lil' Rack Max 50 Damage against Phases!
Puppet Puncher Pinky or Pinky Lvl. 2 or Pinky Lvl. 3 Can Bingo Thousands of Decoys!
Rising Sun Triple-H Lvl. 2 Blood Altar only gives 300 Stamina, but has no downside!
Sadder than Sad Emosuke or Emosuke Lvl. 2 or Emosuke Lvl. 3 Can Bingo The Kaleidoscope Eye!
Six Times The Pervert J-Diddy Can Bingo Ultimate Techniques!
The Kaleidoscope Eye Touchy UnBingo'able by most teams!
Thousands of Decoys Grandmaster P UnBingo'able by most teams!
Ultimate Techniques Rayne UnBingo'able by most teams!

Reaper Teams

These teams can safely go on Reaper Missions.

Name 1. Member 2. Member 3. Member Bonus Provided
Off the Wall TicTac Robogirl +3 Levels, +2 Stamina per mission!
Crazy Couple Strawberry Robogirl +3 Gen Success!
Reapers Strawberry Shorty +1 Range, +1 Success!
Old Friends Tats Shorty +2 Success!
Sewing Circle TicTac Fletch +3 Strength!
Family Ties Mister Six Shorty Lvl. 2 +2 Success, +2 Range!

Wasteland Teams

These teams can be brought along on outskirts / wasteland missions (though strength bonuses still won't work).

Name 1. Member 2. Member Bonus Provided
Spice and Wolf Haro Larry Double Ally/Item Find Chance, Ash-Covered Items are found 2 at a time!
Three Out Of Four Any three Sound Allies +3 Levels!
Lackey For Life Haus SNAKEMAN +2 Gen Levels, + 1 Strength!
Buddy System Chunks Threads +8 Nin Levels, +8 Tai Levels!

BurgerNinja Teams

Name 1. Member 2. Member 3. Member Bonus Provided
Greassmonkeys Cici Lulu Consumable Items have -10 Appetite (minimum 0%)
Boy Friends Lulu Su-chan +2 Dou Levels, +2 Dou Range

R00t Teams

Name 1. Member 2. Member Bonus Provided
Crazy Like a Fox 2 Billy Lvl. 2 Tempest Kitsune +100% Phase Damage!
Crazy Like a Fox 3 Billy Lvl. 3 Tempest Kitsune +150% Phase Damage!
Detective Duo Smokey the Bear Lvl. 2 Sporty Lvl. 2 +200% Damage against Phases
Noob Slayer Lil' Rack Max 50 Damage against Phases!
Offline Romance Stalkergirl Lvl.3 Tsukasa Lvl. 2 One extra life against Phases!!

World Kaiju Teams

Name 1. Member 2. Member 3. Member Bonus Provided
Ouendan Pinky Lvl. 3 Good Boy Lvl. 3 Lil Whitey Lvl. 3 11% chance to have Stamina returned when fighting WorldKai
Royal Flush Pinky Lvl. 3 Doughman Lvl. 3 This Fist of Mine costs no Stamina vs. WorldKaiju!
Osu! Doughman Lvl. 3 +1 Level/Strength/Range/Success vs. WorldKai per Combo Level completed!

Candyween Teams

Name 1. Member 2. Member 3. Member Bonus Provided
Candyween Bash Billy/Robogirl Emosuke/Stalkergirl Lil' Shammy/Lil' Ro Peek at this action (-100 RP, once per Candyween.)

Glowslinging Teams

Name 1. Member 2. Member Bonus Provided
Likes the Fur Bonus! Bucketface Blind Fury +5 Range
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