Team WhiteEye Bonus!

Team Members

Team Bonus

Total Bonuses from Team and Members

  • +1 Tai Strength
  • +1 Tai Level
  • +3 Nin Strength
  • WhiteEye costs zero Chakra!
  • Get one Stamina back per mission



  • This is the only way to make the WhiteEye have zero chakra cost. But honestly, this team is pretty terrible. It's tai bonuses are pretty lackluster, and while the nin bonuses are okay, there are zero gen bonuses. Combined with the fact that you have to be a Jonin to even have this team and really, this team kind of loses all its flair. It further loses flair when it comes to RedEye vs WhiteEye, where in Season 2+ a theme can acheive what the WhiteEye gives, while RedEyes bonus remains great with reduced JXP costs on jutsu learned during missions and the AP bonus.
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