Team Bruce Bonus

Team Members

  • Bruce Jr. - +2 Tai Strength and +2 Tai Levels, but Jutsu Chakra costs are 25% higher
  • Lil' Whitey - +1 Tai Strength and +1 Tai Level
  • Meatballs - +1 Level in Nin and Tai

Team Bonus

  • 50% Off Chakra Costs!

Total Bonuses from Team and Members

  • +3 Tai Strength
  • +4 Tai Levels
  • +1 Nin Level
  • -25% Chakra Cost


  • This team is based off of Might Guy's team in Naruto.


  • For an early Chunin team, this isn't too bad. It has no penalties associated with it, and it gives you tons of tai bonuses. Still, you'll want to upgrade out of this team rather quickly for something a bit more balanced.
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