Sexy Jutsu Masters

Team Members

  • Billy - +1 Taijutsu level, and 5% chance of automatically winning a regular mission
  • Timmy - 20% more XP and AP, but -2 Strength and -2 Levels

Team Bonus

  • +2 Successes

Total Bonuses from Team and Members

  • +1 Taijutsu Level
  • -2 Strength
  • -2 Levels
  • +2 Successes
  • +20% more XP and AP
  • 5% chance of automatically winning a regular mission


  • This team is a reference to when Naruto taught Konohamaru his Sexy Jutsu in the series Naruto.


  • This team setup makes grouping with Timmy somewhat more bearable. You still have the huge strength penalty, but it's compensated for by the 2 successes, which are extremely useful in low success requirement missions. I'd highly recommend this combo if you're going to group with Timmy, particularly for the Special Jonin Exam.
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