Royal Flush

Team Members

  • Pinky Lvl. 3 - +2 to all Strength, +1 Stamina per Regular Mission, +30% Nin Damage to WorldKaiju!
  • Doughman Lvl. 3 - +11 levels vs. Worldkai, Triple Damage against Ninja with HP-giving Bingo Themes!

Team Bonus

Total Bonuses from Team and Members

  • +2 to all Strength
  • +1 Stamina per Regular Mission
  • +30% Nin Damage to WorldKaiju
  • +11 levels vs. Worldkai
  • Triple Damage against Ninja with HP-giving Bingo Themes!
  • This Fist of Mine costs no Stamina vs. WorldKaiju!


  • When this team is active, "Use This Fist of Mine" on the WK attack page changes to "Use These Fists of Ours"
  • This is the best known team for fighting worldkaijus when using 1 or 10 swings, making it very useful for burning that last bit of stamina.
  • A specialized team will still have greater damage potential when using This Fist of Mine with 100 swings.


  • This team is a reference to characters from G Gundam, Domon Kasshu and Rain Mikamura, and their combined attack "Erupting God Finger: Sekiha Love Love Tenkyouken", which includes the line "These hands of ours are burning red!"
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